Rating Each Restaurant in Disney World's Magic Kingdom…BY DESSERT!

Out of ALL the desserts within the Magic Kingdom — and there’s a LOT of ‘em — one’s gotta come out on prime! At this time, we’re rating every restaurant, counter service and kiosk to determine which has the very best dessert!

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This Post Has 46 Comments

  1. Liberty Square Market has the best hot dogs in the MK.

  2. *Keeps kosher, so I can’t eat any of these *
    *Still drools*

  3. Great video. Thank for giving me and my husband some new treats to try now that we know where to get them.

  4. Can’t wait to go for 2 weeks next year.

  5. mmm boy those desserts all lk scrumptious.i'd luv every 1 of em.tho I think paying about $6 4 a rt beer float is 2 much.:(

  6. That cinnamon roll was incredibly disappointing. Extremely dry and just tasted like mediocre cinnamon bread. The high accolades had me really excited. Biggest DFB letdown, it'd be way lower on my list.

  7. Wow, shouldn't watch this when your stuck at home. Lol. I am so hungry now and trying my best to eat better. Thanks AJ.

  8. I feel like there has been a HUGE neglect in your list! What about the caramel covered, chocolate covered mickey apple with the marshmallow chocolate covered ears?!?! Hands down the BEST dessert in MK! : )

  9. I'm over 40, but i have to say there just isn't any better feeling then walking into Magic Kingdom on day 1. The happiness just overwhelms me and my family. I've never been anywhere like it. The walk down Main St is just awesome! Everyone smiling and taking pictures. We go 1 to 2 times a year and its magical every time!

  10. Hey DFB!! I was hoping you could do a video on split stays and how they work? Particularly in relation to booking, ddp and deals/money saving? Thanks!! I love your content!!

  11. Clock Strikes Twelve deserved WAY higher than 15.. I would say top 5!!

  12. My family is kinda picky when it comes to food but we always find Peter pans float is a winner

  13. Funny, what cheapnek is going to cut back on, or over price when Disney reopens.
    Look at the prices, they have gone up, even as the park is closed due to virus.

  14. Aunt Polly's used to have the BEST apple pie dessert – and delicious ham sandwiches…and you could sit on rocking chairs to eat your lunch…really miss that place! I am so old!!!

  15. Can you maybe not zoom in so much to the food so that it is can bee seen better? I don't know what I am looking at sometimes.

  16. Who cares about Disney at this time

  17. My family and I really enjoyed this video! We really hope you make more like this for the other parks!

  18. You have literally the best speaking voice I’ve ever heard

  19. Please do a video on best gluten free dairy free foods at WDW. Many people with Autism spectrum and autoimmune disorders are on this diet and it’s hard to find foods that omit both and actually taste good! Thanks!

  20. I dont know if this place is still around in downtown disney but there was an ice cream place with the best root beer floats served in a blue cup with donald duck on the logo ( that was over 10 years ago though) maybe its still there. If anyone knows the name of the place please let me know. Id love to know if its still there for my next trip with some friends who never been.

  21. I would not have tried the pineapple upside-down cake, except for your recommendation. It was delicious! I tried to get a picture, but got clumsy…. i was definitely about to drop either the cake or the phone… Yup…saved the cake 😉

  22. Please can you make an up to date best hotels for a long stay

  23. Thank you for this. I had to postpone my trip from April 2020…to far in the future…but it’s so much fun planning, especially watching your vlogs <3

  24. Couldn't agree more with the #1 pick. It is by far the best dessert in Magic Kingdom. And there is plenty to go around…if sharing with others is your thing 🙂

  25. Everything looks so good. Can't wait to try them all.

  26. Who will have a job after all this nobody will be able to go to Disney

  27. Fruity Pebbles churro in Disneyland is THE BEST

  28. I love the baseball brownies at Casey’s Corner!!

  29. A lot of the higher ranked desserts: Has Toffee in it

    Me: Being allergic to nuts and milk which are commonly found in toffee, "well crap"

  30. I've never been to Disneyworld, don't plan to go, and don't even really like the idea, basically just rich white people who won't grow up, but her voice is very soothing to have on in the background while I'm drunk and playing video games

  31. I knew Liberty Tree would be number one it has always been my favorite restaurant in Disney World. It beats Cinderella's Castle and Be Our Guest. I love the family style meal and delicious desserts. Been there 12 times and will go back again

  32. I'm so glad we agree on Liberty Tree lol. The Plaza was good too, but that Toffee cake was my favorite thing we had on our last trip. The Pilgrim's feast was okay but nothing amazing, but I'd go back for the dessert alone

  33. Awesome Video! Thank you for the co sis tent quality of yours videos!

  34. I normally am not a fan of chocolate chips in a bread type item, but I tried the cheshire cat tail because you always recommend it and was surprised how much I liked it! My go to is the pineapple upside down cake with Dole whip though. The first thing I eat when I get to MK.

  35. Finally got to try the bread pudding at House of Blues. It was awesome!

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