Quarantine Q & A and Replace! + Our Day by day Routine in Self Isolation

Filmed April 11, 2020 – It’s been virtually a month since we’ve been again within the states, quarantining and self-isolating, so we thought we’d offer you an replace and reply a few of your most-asked questions! Enormous because of Adata for sponsoring this video and to all of our Instagram followers for all of the questions! 😊 Hope you’re all staying secure and wholesome 🙌

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  1. Every night I tell myself that I am getting up at a reasonable time and accomplishing at least one thing on the list I made a month ago. Every morning, I make excuses for staying put and watching just a couple videos or scrolling just a few minutes on Facebook. Next thing I know three hours have gone by. UGH! Here it is again at 4:30 am and I'm wide awake! I live with my son who is an essential worker and he's been out 6-7 days a week, 8-12 hours a day. I just sit here.

  2. I really enjoyed this. I felt you two were "more relaxed" to watch. Thanks for keeping us updated. Glad you are doing what you can.

  3. I guess it was Eric’s turn to be the thumbnail clickbait 😉

  4. Hey guys, as new YouTubers, we really appreciated seeing such an authentic/real video from you. Loved the longer Q&A format. Thanks for being such a great inspiration for us and we can't wait for more videos! Stay strong, you two! We'll all get through this together!

    Also, if you guys are looking for a great two person Switch game to play, we HIGHLY recommend getting Overcooked 2. Combines your love for cooking with some fun gaming! Enjoy!

  5. I've been watching a lot of travel vlogs lately since it looks like I will NOT be able to go on my trip of a lifetime, saved for years vacation as scheduled and you two are the bomb. Too many of the other vloggers are seemingly more in love with themselves than they are with any of the places they visit while you two seem down to Earth and to not take yourselves too seriously. Not to mention, their teeth are so impossibly white, they hurt my eyes. 😮 I've been watching some of your older videos and it seems like there are plenty of natural places that you still haven't visited in the US. Maybe once the virus has waned a bit, you can visit some of the national and state parks that are open? While social distancing and taking all necessary precautions of course! Anyway, I love your videos and can't wait to see more! P.S. I did NOT mean to imply that your teeth are not white. Your teeth are plenty white enough! They are just not inhumanly white like the people on some other channels that I've seen. 😉

  6. What is the brand name of her backpack? I didn’t quite catch it. It sounded like “con key” but nothing came up when I searched? Thanks!

  7. I really love getting to see pieces of St. Louis in these videos. My family and I moved to Wisconsin from South City 3 years ago and some days I really miss it. If you have the chance to eat at Adrianna's on the Hill I highly suggest it. It is a family run Sicilian deli with the best sandwiches and cheese bread. It is one of the things I miss the most there. Stay happy and healthy! Sending you love from the frozen tundra.

  8. What software do you use to edit your video's … which one of you does the editing …. and don't you two work ???

  9. I think Eric does a great job editing. No need to hire an editor.

  10. Thanks for the video, really enjoyed it. You seem really nice people. I'd watch pretty much anything you do.

  11. stay safe guy! If you ever find yourself in Iowa let me know!

  12. Y'all are the cutest couple! By far my most favorite people to watch on YouTube. 🙂

  13. what is "Chap chuka"? I love the longer video! I like hearing you guys talk 🙂

  14. I've got so many backup drives for all my projects – including 1000s of hours of video that I made at University back in the 90s (and plenty of more recent photos of Deeley posing too, of course!) I'm going to get myself an Adata drive now as that looks really great! Thanks for the recommendation!

  15. You know it's your one for life when you can survive – and not survive, but thrive – a month long quarantine with basically just each other. Lucky you.

  16. You guys produce excellent content and the production quality is very good! Well done! What laptop would you recommend for 4K video editing (something that's powerful, rugged and portable); and what laptop do you currently use, and are you happy with it? Thanks for the wonderful videos!

  17. Honestly as someone else said on here, you are the content, these at home videos are just as entertaining as the travel ones, I probably like these even more ( it's such an uncertain time for all of us, the script is still being written)…

  18. Anyone else noticing the more food we have stocked, the more we eat? Or is it just me and the fam?

  19. Amazing video…it was so refreshing in the middle of all this chaos.

  20. I loved this video. Honestly, it wouldn’t matter what you all filmed. I’d watch every single one. Love the positivity and the real conversation.

  21. when you mentioned austin, I realized that all of the redheads I know have gone to UT austin. I do live in Texas, but I guess that most of them wanted to represent the burnt orange lol. Did either of you go to UT?

  22. Long time viewer. I always wanted to ask what you use to track in the city names / locations into your videos? Do you just use your editing software? Or do you use another program? Keep up the amazing videos!

  23. My Mexican grandmother cooks boom.

  24. Great video and to see y'all so rested looking. You could always try your hand at cooking videos, that is one thing I love about your videos, is the FOOD. I had just had a Scooby Snack when y'all did the Chilequlis and wanted some bad. Vegas is the place y'all should have set down. Great weather and you can get delivery of all kinds of products.

  25. awesome Texas dudes… greetings from UK… my mom always told me not to wear a hat indoors, did yor mom not tell you the same ?

  26. If you liked What We Do in the Shadows, you'll like Wellington Paranormal. Same set up. Same "world" if you will. Same humour. Lots of character crossover.

  27. I don’t get how youtube earnings work but I hear comments help. Sooo commenting in hopes of helping! Love you guys!

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