Prime 17 Coolest Locations to Go to in Mexico | Mexico Journey Information

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  1. I’ll recommend traveling to Mexico! It’s an amazing place to visit and there’s a lot of great things to experience. I have a video in my YouTube channel of my unforgettable experience when I traveled to Mexico.

  2. Hi! I am glad you love our country. I'm a bit disappointed, though. You did not even mention a place in the north of Mexico. Maybe you should come and visit the north as well. Nice video!

  3. we went cave diving in mexico Tulum I believe it was fun we did tour I am 260 pounds so overweigth due to thyroid issues and I was so afraid but the tour guide was so humble and I am a good swimmer so most of the exploring was swimming It was beautiful

  4. This is why I LOVE being Mexican ❤. Mexico, is truly a magical place ✨

  5. I'm from Turkey and I live in Mexico and this country is really beautiful.

  6. Great video! You're geeky, but in a cute way! haha great not touristy spots on this list. well done

  7. I dont get it, but when and where do you get shot? Or is it always just a surprise?

  8. I couldn't sleep so put my air pods in and sneeked into another room to fantasize about my beloved Mexico. I watched your video and it was spectacular! Thank you! Now i can go to sleep dreaming of waterfalls and pretty birds and cenotes. Have you ever been to the cavo de los cristales? I hope you get to show us that. Leave the drone behind. The Sulinite crystals are very sharp. Super magical! Gracias! Y Suerte!

  9. Like si estabas buscando comentarios en español a y por cierto se pronuncia ayende no ayende
    Bye the Wayne IT is pronounced ayende no alende

  10. The capital of the state of Veracruz is not Heroica Veracruz, it is Xalapa

  11. Mexico is SOO big that you'd need ten more videos like this one to touch lightly on each Mexican state. Great video. Cheers from Baja California, México.

  12. Svajonė apkeliauti meksika,bet truputi yra baimės dėl saugumo, būtų idomu sužinoti kokia jūsų patirtis šiuo klausimu 🙂

  13. I'd be so happy with 5 million high fives from jacob

  14. I love the video, thank you. So fun, and great information, too! With all due respect, I am also glad you were fined for use of drone; that was a Bozo move, guys, to use it there. No offense, but I wish drone users would use common sense about use of drones in regards to wildlife, preserving serenity and peace in nature so others can enjoy it, and the BIG issue: invading people's privacy. There are millions who share this sentiment! Think of others first, before using your drone. Maybe you would consider spreading the word amnongst fellow drone users. Thank you!

  15. So you only went to:
    San Luis Potosí (top 3 spots)
    Estado de México
    Chiapas and
    Just 8 out of the 31 states (not including CDMX) that Mexico has to offer.

  16. In your next trip to Mexico you should visit the north of the country, we have unbelievable places too!

  17. Some great spots (seems you wandered mostly central Mexico). So many more amazing spots in the best country on the planet. Los Barrancas del Cobre needs to be on the list.

  18. Thank you for showing this video. This is by far the best MEX Travel Guide I've seen so far.

  19. One important thing that you didn’t mention is that going “off the beaten path” is dangerous in Mexico and getting kidnapping insurance for yourself is extremely important! Going to the places you mentioned is actually not wise in Mexico! NOT safe! You cant just focus on the beautiful places to get likes on your videos but mentioning the real truth is important to lives!!

  20. I recommend to you go to Chihuahua State and go to know "Barrancas del Cobre" in the Tarahumara Sierra, Cascada Cusárae, Cascada Bsaseachic, Creel (Magic Town) is beautiful, amazing…

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