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You haven’t seen the world till you’ve skilled it by way of the eyes of those folks. Welcome to MojoTravels and right now we’ll be counting down our picks for the Prime 10 Finest Journey Vloggers.

For this record, we’re having a look at YouTubers who journey the globe, making us all need to get off the sofa and fulfill our wanderlust.

10: Crusing La Vagabonde

9: Mark Wiens

8: Kristen & Siya

7: Samuel & Audrey

6: Mr Ben Brown

5: Skilled Vagabond

4: Gone with the Wynns

3, 2, 1 . . . ??

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  1. To much nice video. I want to make more video for travel also after dis quarantine..I wish my Chanel also grow like this videos ,very impressive

  2. Im begginer hoping that people here helping me to grow my views and subs

  3. Harald Baldr is the rising star, all his videos are amazing

  4. Where is varun vagish, who has more than million subs

  5. Lots of Respect and Love from PAKISTAN. Kindly, also visit to Pakistan the land of hospitality and beauty..

  6. UR opinion is very bad dude harald baldar is the best of all this

  7. Renata Pereira is one of my favourites. All her vlogs videos are good. High Quality, well presented & informative . .

  8. Is this about good travel vloggers or the ones with the most followings? Not the same deal…

  9. I love those people who travels, this is what i like to do the same. I started to travel around the Philippines and soon overseas.. God bless travellers

  10. I almost never watch travel vlogs anymore… better get your as to work so you can travel your self… it's also much better to discover places your self

  11. I realise this is an old vlog,I doubt sailing la vagabond is in the top 10 now ,as they have teen brat great onboard for political gain.there followers have been dropping off there channel like a “sinking ship”.

  12. Seriously???? Yes Theory is not on the list.
    I thought they'd be in 1st spot.

  13. ?.Hello guys, please visit my you tube channel po. Don't forget to subscribe. I will follow you back. Thanks in advance.GOD BLESS US ALWAYS.!.See you then.!.Ingat.!.7x.!.

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