PHUKET FREE TRIP – PHUKET TRAVEL 2020 – Paradise Seaside # থাইল্যান্ড # Bengali Journey Weblog

On this video I offer you some tips about first time journey in Thailand, what to anticipate, what to look out for, head to Patong Seaside and find yourself on the superior Paradise …


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  1. didi kon hotel e stay korechilen nam ta ektu bolben pls? r beach theke kotodur setao jodi kindly bolen

  2. Phuket is super cool. Amazing tips. Excellent video friend. Waiting for more.

  3. wow what an amazing news….thnk u for sharing the info♥️

  4. Wow I recently visited Phuket. But I did not know about this free shuttle bus. Thank you for providing the info.

    So beautiful …… darunnnnn laglo ….vishon enjoy korlam beach ……Khub Bhalo laglo….Tomader k o darunnnnn laglo

  6. খুব ভালো লাগলো আপু তোমাদের ঘুরাঘুরির ভিডিও টা,,
    বিচটা অনেক সুন্দর,,
    ভালো লাগলে আমার ঘর থেকে ঘুরে এসো আপু।

  7. Bonjour Magnifique Thailande très belle ville de Phuket superbe plage c'est trop beau merci pour ce partage

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