Phnom Penh Cambodia working for our lives 2020

We’re caught in Cambodia? Are we going to have the ability to get again to Mexico and our house? These are among the questions that Lori and I are asking ourselves.
Proper now in Cambodia and all of the cancellations of airways all through the world. Now we have not heard from cathay Pacific airline to see if our return ticket is sweet or canceled.
There’s probability that we could also be inventory right here till issues get a little bit extra organized with the airways. Properly we’re dwelling at some point at a time and what the longer term holds for us.
The query will probably be will we be dwelling in Cambodia, Or will we ever get again to Mexico? We would like Mexico.

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  1. So glad you've made it back to Mexico! You're HOME and back at your HOME!

  2. We live in AZ. and visit PV Mex. in the summer for 2-3 mos.; however, we may sell out house and move perm. to Mex. and travel more. I enjoy being in PV or traveling.

  3. We are happy you made it home safe. Best of Health to you both.

  4. wow, what a journey. haha, glad you got back. Post away, I look forward to it.

  5. I'm glad you both made it back home safe! What a scary and stressful time to be traveling. Looking forward to catching up again when all this is over. Take care! -Jim

  6. Wow, what a journey! Happy to hear that you made it home safely.

  7. Glad you made it home safely. Would love to see some cooking videos from Lori

  8. I'm so glad you got home safe and sound . Wow, what a journey.

  9. Very informative. Thank you for sharing all of this important information. What type of spray bottle did you use for sanitizing the seats and other things? I thought they only allowed maximum 100 ml bottles.

  10. I'm so glad you both got back to your home! I'm looking forward to your updates. We're in Metro Detroit and there has been a lot of active COVID-19 cases here and sadly, loss of life. Stay safe! We'rebin our 60's and trying too!

  11. Glad you're safe at home. Now you can enjoy yourself in your space during the quarantine. Blessings ❣️

  12. Hi there been viewing your videos really nice to see living on budget.
    I am thinking to drive there when this things goes back to normal.I am scared to take air plane because my heart health issues so I cant take airplanes.I am looking to get stem cell for my heart issues at Dream Body Clinic in Nuevo Vallarta and was wondering if you guys would meet somewhere in Mexico safe place or you recommend me how to sadly get there because I dont know any one there.
    Wishing you health and stay safe.

    Let’s stay in touch if I decide to move there my

  13. Glad you made it back safely. Welcome home!

  14. Amazing! Actually you both look very rested… This explains why we have tourists on the beach in PV. Glad your safe, and, be well.

  15. Glad you made it home safe.

  16. Perfect clickbait title!

  17. Glad that you made it home. Mexico seems like home to me mow.

  18. Jerry, this is your most exciting video yet. Miss you both and so glad you are home safe and sound. Now that we're all quarantined at least I get to see you on YouTube!

  19. Glad you are home! I’d love to see some cooking videos. I saw Lori cook in a hotel room once and it was so homelike and relaxing!

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