Paris Journey Information

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Our Paris journey information! We kick of Season 2 with our information to Paris, a improbable metropolis with unbelievable meals, structure, tradition and extra. We are able to share our favorite suggestions, tips, eats and drinks in your subsequent go to to Paris! For the most effective flights to Paris, try Hipmunk!

The place we stayed – Mandarin Oriental Paris

Apps we point out:
Uber –
Le Cab –


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  2. I call myself tight. That's why I don't tip.

  3. One of the most honest and informative travel video I've ever watched!

  4. 11:37 – As for shopping, do NOT get your hopes too high of ever benefiting from the "détaxe" (tax refund) supposedly available for tourists. The system is grossly bureaucratic, you have to collect paperwork and information that must necessarily be passed to a clerk at the airport moments before you board your flight back home, and you will only be refunded in cash if you purchases were made in cash. If you bought anything with your credit card, yo'll supposedly be refunded to your credit card account with de amount due. So far, after a few trips to France, I had NEVER had this actually happen. It seems to be a system designed to have an PR impact with tourists, no to actually work. This has been my experience, YMMV.

  5. I love your channel, most especially the little injections of wit, humor and sarcasm found in every episode! Discussing tipping and exchange rates is so helpful, too. Keep the videos coming and don't hesitate to do more than one per city.

  6. i am very bad english .i can speaking english video. i like video

  7. France is just not exiting .

  8. Paris – the most overrated city in the world. Dirty, unfriendly, french…

  9. Wow I’ve watched lots of travel videos on YouTube, this one is the best.

  10. Je suis brésilienne, mais je passe les vacances à Paris, belle aussi ♥

  11. 2019/2020 update: Do not tip, if you do, you are a clown. i repeat if you tip you will be permanently rendered as a clown.I've now had 2 friends since March 2019 study aboud for about 5/6 months and when they tried to tip an excellent server they were clowned lol.

  12. The people who say the French are unfriendly and rude are their neighbours: the English, the Germans plus ALL Asians! The Japanese and Koreans suffer from "Paris syndrome" which is the shock of discovering Paris is expensive, dirty and full of pavements with dog piles, cigarette butts and spit. I lived there for 10 years and I can attest it's all of those things but it also different from all other European cities.

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