Palaui Escapade Vlog (Tropang SMU)

Pasyal naman tayo hindi puro music. Might journey weblog ako four years in the past which is April 23, 2016 at nakadetalye yung pagpunta namin sa Palaui Island if you’re DIY traveller.

That is the hyperlink:

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  1. Pag DIY kayo, sundan nyo lang ito:

    Sudden trips are better than planned ones. I may not be alone in the thinking that sometimes, arranged trips do not go as we plan them to be. Deciding to explore one of the best beaches of Cagayan, we had our sights directed to Palaui.

    Palaui Island is one of the many islands in the Philippines, still a part of Cagayan, located off the northeastern extremity of Luzon Island (the largest island in the country). A neighboring island to Batanes' Babuyan Group of Islands; it boasts forested areas, white sand shorelines, caves, and Batanes-like hills and views. We spent our 3 days and 2 nights at Punta Verde where our homestay was located. Here was our itenerary.

    On the First Day (Arrival)

    Me and my friends met up at Tuguegarao (I just arrived from Baguio and the others from Manila) and had lunch. By 1pm, at the van terminal located at Balzain Highway, our 3-hour trip to Sta. Ana started. No need for long waits for the trip for there are a lot of people travelling to other towns that will be passed by when headed to Sta. Ana; fare is P180/pax. We asked the van driver to bring us to San Vicente Port and fortunately, he agreed. But, if you wish to buy some food, it's better to have yourselves dropped off at Sta. Ana town proper.

    At San Vicente, we were asked to register and the tourism personnels there discussed to us the whereabouts of the island. We were offered a 2-day package which includes 6 destinations and boat transfers from San Vicente to Punta Verde (and vise versa). The worth P7000 package includes trips to Cape Engano, Siwangag Cove, Anguib Beach, Crocodile Island, Snake Island, and Puzurubo Island. We then paid and acquired our gate passes then headed to our homestay Punta Verde.

    Lunch at Tuguegarao

    1:00 – Start of Trip to Sta. Ana (van)

    4:00 – Arrival at San Vicente Port; Registration and Orientation/Briefing

    4:30 – Boat ride to Punta Verde (25minutes)

    5:00 – Met up with Ate Elsa and settled at Homestay; dinner was arranged

    7:00 – Dinner

    9:00 – Lights off

    It is best that before your trip, you search for the possible accommodation you can have at the island. In our case, we contacted Ate Elsa (0905-283-2559) before our trip on April 20th. She arranged our accommodation and meals and offered us the tour package first hand. In addition, you can also arrange the sequencing of the islands you wish to visit the next day with your boatmen. We talked with Anthony (our boatman) about our planned activities the next day so he was able to inform us of the destinations and time frames.

    On the Second Day

    We had to wake up early so we could start our hike/trek (with forest exploration) to Cape Engano. We had our breakfast then Norberto, our guide, fetched us at our homestay at around 7:00 in the morning to get a headstart on our activities for the day. The guide fee is P350.

    7:00 – Headed to Leonardo Trail

    7:30 – Arrived at the Baratubut Falls in Punta Verde

    10:30 – Arrived at Cape Engano (we had to rest for it was way too hot then)

    11:00 – Started our trek going to the lighthouse

    11:20 – We arrived at the lighthouse

    12:00 – We had our lunch (packed by Ate Elsa)

    1:30 – Boat ride going to Siwangag cove (there wasn't to much to see so we asked Anthony to go directly to Anguib Beach)

    3:00 – We were finally greeted by the amazing Anguib Beach

    5:00 – We headed back to Punta Verde (passed by the mangrove tree plantation)

    When we arrived, we arranged our dinner, had it, a little chill time then we went to sleep.

    Oh, it's better to have a longer time at Anguib Beach (you won't regret going there despite the long boat trip, big waves, and hot weather). And don't forget to wear your life vests, the waves are really "exciting".

    On the Third Day (Departure)

    Again, we had to wake up early. Anthony advised us to do so because it is only advisable to visit the Snake Island during low tide. Best time, according to them, was 7 in the morning.

    6:00 – Breakfast..

    7:00 – Start boat trip to Snake Island (if you are into collecting shells, you better bring your bags)

    8:00 – headed back to Punta Verde

    8:20 – Bought some souvenirs, they are being sold at the small shops in Punta Verde

    10:30 – Brunch!

    11:00 – Start our boat ride going to the Crocodile Island

    12:00 – Arrived at San Vicente Port ( we answered some survey questions about our trip then asked Kuya Salsweet to bring us to the Sta. Ana Van terminal

    1:00 – Headed back to Tuguegarao (this is the last trip for vans going to Tuguegarao).

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