Our Summer time in Southeast Asia | Touring to three International locations in 45 Days

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That is our journey digital camera setup:

Foremost digital camera: http://geni.us/MainDSLR
Motion digital camera: http://geni.us/ActionCamera
Pocket digital camera: http://geni.us/PocketCamera
Drone: http://geni.us/OurDrone
Microphone: http://geni.us/CameraMic
Foremost lens: http://geni.us/MainLens
Telephoto lens: http://geni.us/TelephotoLens
Lens adapter: http://geni.us/LensAdapter
Lense filter: http://geni.us/LenseFilter
Tripod: http://geni.us/OurTripod

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  1. Never fall for somebody…..cause someday somehow they will f**k up everything..care for yourself..embrace yourself..thats what life is ☺️

  2. My husband and I were in LDR for 3 yrs (he is from Canada, I live in Dubai at the time). We fly 7 hrs to met in the UK when we can. He loves history, and he got excited and wants to go everywhere… he was always on the go every day. I can't do that though… I go on vacation to rest, see places, enjoy food, see and talk to local people, shop local, see museum and all in a calm pace. My then BF recognized that, and he did adjust (we both do, we met in the middle). We are now together, married for 10 yrs, still very much in-love like teenagers. I guess your error here was you went hardcore, it is not a vacation anymore, slow down next time. Remember: there are events that needs to be captured by camera but there are events that are captured by our hearts. Those memories kept only in our hearts. You are so young, keep exploring, learning and adjusting. Stay safe. God bless!

  3. New love is the best feeling. Especially when your young and yoi can conquer anything. Heart breaks suck but better have the great memories then nothing. ❤❤❤

  4. You overwhelmed her senses bro. She probably felt a bit inferior. Sad ending. seem like a nice fella. Good luck

  5. This is life bro we've to except it!
    You're not lossing someone who Love you even though
    she loose someone who Love her.
    But her voice really sweet/special bro

  6. You both look genuinely great together. I still could not comprehend why you have to part ways but you both know best. Jacob you are a Prince, Daniela you are a Princess.
    I always feel, love is beyond relationship, beyond marriage, so you both can continue to love each other, help each other, stay in touch with one another. You both may never be in love relationship again but can have a friendship that will never end. My request (for the sake of the fans) in the future please collaborate and do more videos together because you both look amazing together.

    PS: Jacob you have a new fans in me!
    Subscribed! Waiting for Daniela to start her full fledged YouTube channel.

  7. Heavy story.
    Like Bollywood love story.
    Life goes on no matter how hard it is mate! It's gonna be ok. Just keep doing the stuff you love.

  8. Hi Jacob,why you try to my place at Bandung,west Java in Indonesia,there's alot of beautiful places to see for completely your adventure travel video..,:)

  9. After i brok up,i was freakingly lost in thoughts i felt like i lost everything ,i started visiting bar every day .One day a guy ,he was a fulltime drinking person ,he then started askin me whats my problem ,then i told him that i was brokn then he said like ,
    Brotr love is not the life its only a part of life ,most of us goin to experience love mostly after fifteen or above nd many wil stop it after thirty five or forty ,so love happen only a small period of tim in our life. So dont spoil ur life for love ,till then i never worried about love ,we hav a whole world is here to enjoy

  10. Hopefully there will be special episode just for Malaysia. Just let to know that malaysia is a country that full with variety of foods that you should try from the rural to village area. I would love to suggest you place that you should visit in Malaysia including island, History places, theme park and others.

  11. That's why I never want to fall in love.The memories are so sweet but when it hurts it breaks you thing is most people don't want commitment just spent a good time and then say goodbye adios fellas…
    Never fall in love

  12. I felt so sad that i didnt had any relationship so far. My heart got melted when i saw this video.

  13. love leads to sacrifice so i don't find love for myself but i do share it.

  14. Better to have loved than to have never loved at all. X

  15. Them: traveling to 3 countries in 45 days

    Me: staying in my country my entire life

  16. Sooo cute ! Glad you guys agreed to part ways instead of forcing something. And thank you for letting us in to your personal life so much. Another great video Jacob!

  17. She is so cute, innocent and beautiful girl.

    You should not leave her alone.

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