Our Journey Trailer has a Leak: Sustaining a NON WALKABLE ROOF

The dreaded cap leak has sprung on our Keystone Passport Extremely Lite! Watch to learn the way to keep up a non walkable roof and methods to keep away from leaks like ours.

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Roof cleaner (for EPDM or TSO) – https://amzn.to/2xC3gwz
Luisladders Aluminum Telescoping Ladder – https://amzn.to/2Kk90NU

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  1. Hahaha, "what footprints, those aren't footprints". Ya'll should do a video of all the crazy things your kids have done and said living ful- time in an RV. Sure you have great stories of their antics. Love seeing the kids being goofy in the back ground while your filming. My seven year old thought it was awesome you took your house to the car wash. It gives us more hope as parents with three girls(7,4, 5mos.) that kids will be kids no matter where they live. Great video, look forward to seeing you replace the caulk on that cap surrounded by NC woods. Safe travels.

  2. Man, a leaky roof is one of my fears when it comes to RVing. Fingers crossed for no more leaks so you can get it resealed in NC. Where did you wash your rig? I’ve never seen one where you can wash outside the bay. Pretty cool.

  3. My wife and I travel nurse too in our rv. We’re in lake havasu az now but we’re in Gainesville ga three assignments back. So pretty there. Stayed in Clevland ga. Jenny’s creek was awesome and the people are so nice. I totally would do that assignment again.

  4. Looked at the ladders. Many one-star reviews where they failed. Some even refer to it as a death trap. You may want to rethink this ladder and invest in a better brand. Safety first.

  5. So excited your coming to Asheville! My girlfriend and I both work at Mission hospital and think it's so cool your coming here to work. We bought a motorhome last year and were suppose to start traveling in May buy have postponed do to the pandemic. Maybe we will see you around. Thanks again for all the geart videos .

  6. We are for Roof maintenance on our Passport. Had the whole roof resealed a year ago.. no issues.. but preventive maintenance is key. Good video.. thanks for sharing.

  7. Have you ever heard of a company called RV Roofing located in Fort Oglethorpe Georgia they actually but it does true strength roofs on RVs that are warrantied up to Lifetime I think you can find YouTube videos of them RV Roofing.,

  8. You should have used dicor, never use chalk it won't adhere to the roof.
    Also a couple pieces of pool noodles on the ladder will help protect the roof edge.

  9. Buy a roll of 4 inch eternabond tape and clean, apply tape, roll to activate.
    Cover the entire transfer joint.

  10. Don't be shy with caulking put it on thick. A water leak at your cap can destroy your RV. I use a dehumidifier in my RV that works great for keeping it dry inside. A dehumidifier will help dry out the water in your walls and ceiling and prevent mold mildew and rot.

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