As most of , we have now the journey of a lifetime deliberate for our Spring Break! A beautiful week of solar and sand with the incomparable turquoise blue waters of Turks and Caicos island. It is Madi’s senior yr and her final spring break as a excessive schooler! It is the primary time our youthful children’ spring break journey has lined up with hers. We wished to go large and have been planning essentially the most epic spring break journey trip of all household holidays! Worldwide journey is difficult proper now and a few flight restrictions have impacted our spring break plans. We wished to provide the ultimate replace on our spring break trip plan.

We additionally discover out when the children might be going again to high school! You could be shocked.

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  1. Get over it. Things will return to SAFE CONDITIONS for all when there is a vaccine for corona19.
    1 year.

  2. this is all so crazy I'm not even allowed to go back to school until may 4

  3. Hey kinda just started watching y’all and no way Ryler’s in 5th grade bro…

  4. I went to Turks and Caicos last week and it was so much fun u guys would have loved it

  5. Hey Bingham’s I love watching your videos it makes my days so much better

  6. I've been a little bit annoyed at the people complaining about their vacation being canceled but my birthday got canceled because amazon has really long shipping and my family's trip to see my best friend i haven't seen in 2 years also got canceled 🙁

  7. I love your channel so much and wish I could send you fan mail but I can’t. I live in Ohio which not many you tubers live so I would never get the chance to meet you :/

  8. I was supposed to go to Hawaii and we had to cancel it but we will go when this virus will be gone.

  9. I hate that these kids can’t have a normal childhood that is spent with friends right now.

  10. and Brandon let others people talk. You are SO FAKE

  11. You guys inspire me so much you guys are very positive and it makes my day so much better when I watch you guys.

  12. My sister is the same age as Maddi and her prom and graduation got cancelled. She’s super bummed about it cuz she already got a fairly expensive dress that had pockets which she was excited about and practiced her prom makeup like 10 times so hoping for you guys that doesn’t happen to Maddi

  13. Flying into Utah for work possibly next week if domestic flights are still up. Love watching your videos!

  14. I didn't know your kids use google classroom and also guess what I use google classroom too and I have No School until May 5th. Do you know that my birthday is coming up but it is only 3 weeks and 1 day, but I can celebrate with my family instead of my friends?

  15. My College will be open in late April early May I can't wait

  16. Sadly many people I know are having their May vacations cancelled too. Fingers crossed this doesn’t happen to you guys

  17. Your government delayed school up to the 1st of May. The government in my city here in the Philippines will delay school up to the end of July, might be lifted early or worst extended.

  18. I know how it feels I was supposed to be in Mexico for spring break but it got cancelled. We started counting down at 78 days. My birthday party was cancelled and so was my dinner with my cousin

  19. Can't help anyone in math, because I was dumb in any type of math, fractions, etc. My Mom was too. I just did not understand the teacher…barely made it out of high school. Never went to college.

  20. Update: WHO warned the US might be the next epicentre of the virus due to the rapid increase of new cases every day especially in NYC (currently has over 15,500 cases). Keep Safe Binghams.

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