Ollie Lang's Journey weblog: Sao Paulo

Ollie Lang goes to Sau Paulo to show a paintball clinic with the Xalo Almeida



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  1. @soccerguy2433

    I dont think the ultrarich play Paintball.

    Just look at the size of the city, do you think only ultra rich live in all those condos?

  2. Ollie your amazing i think you should come to Langley BC

  3. The song Called: The XX – Intro

  4. Nt,dlx is just overhyped to the max and not alot of ppl that say i shot a NT and a DLX have actually shot it .Or like shot a pod or a hopper,few ppl have actually played with it.Dont get me wrong DLX is an awesome gun,but not for what it costs and what you ONLY get for that price

  5. man i've been to Sau paulo, when you fly in you see the whole city. and can barely see the end of it. its crazy big.

  6. ollie lang is the greatest player ever

  7. so its gotta be the ultra rich that can afford to play paintball in S.America…

  8. is it just me or does it look like ollie was going to cry towards the end of the video ?

  9. lol i know dude. i already got my gat for this year unless sponsorship arises

  10. whats the paintball going to do hit the ball in the air then hit him in the face?

    dont think so.

  11. Can you get Dye to come to Canada (preferably Toronto, Ontario)?

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