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Odessa, a metropolis within the South of Ukraine, is a good vacation spot at any time of the time for frugal vacationers longing for adventures by the ocean, magnificent structure, large metropolis environment, scrumptious meals and maritime vibes. Spend a few days right here and fall in love with the town for the remainder of your life!


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  1. Very nice video of a very nice city! Well done! I visited Odessa in 2014 and I like it very much!

  2. Forget that fish market, The fish are not even iced down.

  3. Awesome video. Keep making more. I hope everyone on Youtube discovers it.

  4. I'm afraid one's appreciation of the video cannot be disassociated from the beauty of the narrator.

  5. Nice restaurant. Where is it located ?

  6. What lesser known restaurants do you recommend in Odessa? I travel there every 2-3 months to visit my girlfriend.

  7. The great Ukrainion city and also its people………. i like…

  8. Hey great video, I plan to visit Odessa, maybe next year, is there something else you can recommend?

  9. great video, great city

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