Nostalgic Scents, Physique Picture, + Strolling Exterior | Weekly Vlog #58 | April 5-10, 2020

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  1. hello there again Blair 🙂 also wanted to share that i also loved my pregnant body and loved the excitement of expecting our baby long ago… but did not love my body afterwards… but was too crazy busy with N's medical needs for the first 12-18 months to address any of my needs. PLS make sure to take care of urself. SOOOOO very happy for u guys that u have a very happy, healthy, generally "easy?" lil princess. going back to… body image/peace with it all… i learned a couple things that REALLY helped me with this and with life in general. Ive been keeping a running "Gratitude journal" refer back to it often and share it w/ hubby and closest ppl in my life plus therapist. Also, last August I signed up for a year of the psychology based Noom program to help me lose a little weight but slowly and surely (to make more of a lifestyle change). I had been yo yo dieting ever since our son was born but the weight would always come back on… so…..I bought a whole yr of the program $199 like less than 50% off the price of paying month by month. I really love the ease of the program, daily articles and activities, and helpful coaches assigned to me. 🙂 lastly wanted to share something from my fav author Matthew Kelly that helps me with whatever situation/ circumstances of life i may find myself in 🙂 he said the 3 keys to happiness are….. #1 commitment to God to try ur best to always "do the next right thing"… #2 make a contribution (time, talents, or treasure, etc) … #3 Have "dynamic relationships" (he has a whole bk about this particular subject) hope this helps in some way. God bless u guys! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Thank you for the coupon I just ordered a homebody shirt for myself 🙂

  3. Thanks for another great vlog! Nora is just as precious as ever!! I agree with scent memory! My aunt uses Downy and the smell of her home is distinct. My sister loved that smell so as an adult she started using Downy and now her kids love it!

  4. Hello u three 🙂 just LOVE following along with u guys as new parents… such a joy… our lil special needs guy is still our forever big baby in so many ways… lol Nora looks so super duper cute in her Easter outfit and what a big lovely smile! Our lil guys' favorite holidays r Easter and Christmas… and then hes obsessed with his BIG yrly bday parties and playgroup parties (hes our social butterfly/party animal! .. LOL) also….U guys have such a LOVELY bunch of walking trails! such a blessing to have so much empty space to be out and about and still be able to "social distance" lol ….Oh and Love ur lil new 2-tiered tray… perfect centerpiece for little seasonal decorations and cute chachkies that may normally never get to see the light of day… lol. Iv'e been checking out etsy a TON lately – my new CV "retail therapy" source LOL but not too funny for my hubby! … double LOL he is "processing" all my packages and getting "nervous" about his pocketbk LOL!!!!… so glad u can find some time in a busy mommys schedule to get some relaxing "spa time"…. honestly i dont know how u manage it all with all of ur AWESOME gigs! U go girl!! P.S. have always enjoyed ur grocery store hauls esspecially now… w/ instacart/CV… u never know what ur gonna get… LOL

  5. Nora is so sweet in that Easter dress! Enjoying this video on my day off on Easter Monday with a big brunch. 🙂

  6. I hope you had a wonderful Easter! I really enjoy your weekly vlogs as a little escape from my own socially distanced bubble. Even though we're all home right now doing basically the same things, it's still different enough and also comforting to know see that you're making the most of it. Thanks again for sharing!

  7. I just absolutely adore your vlogs Blair!! Thank you for taking the time to make content, I really look forward to it ❤️

  8. I will start by saying that you are beautiful! and your post baby body is really amazing–looking at that picture of you lifting Nora in the air in the same spot that you took the giantly pregnant shot, I remember thinking "wow! Blair got her body back already!" But that's just me looking from the outside. You have to live in your body, and it's different. From my own experience, I nursed for nearly two years. ( the second year isn't as much, obviously, but it's still nursing) didn't have a period for almost 15 months, and then we had the planned pregnancy of #2, and I nursed him for two years. All this to say, my body didn't feel like "my" body until all the nursing and pregnancies were done. I think you have a healthy attitude about your body and situation. Remember that you had a very difficult birth and post partum, and love that about yourself and your body!! Good luck! You are a great MOM!!!

  9. Oh my gosh Nora’s SMILE! She is so precious she makes my heart melt.

  10. What you're saying about your postpartum body makes complete sense. It's not just weight changes but skin, hair loss and regrowth, breast changes while breastfeeding, hormones, I still have my linea nigra 8 months postpartum!, Different body shape…and that's not all included in the "fourth trimester"!! Thanks for discussing it in your vlog… I've recently been struggling with the same thing!! Nora is beautiful!!! Stay safe!

  11. Girl order in. Does your town have any Waitr or DoorDash restaurant delivery options? I have two Shipt orders arriving today from two different stores. It will be interesting to see if I get a full complement of paper products! Oh I love those bunnies on her Easter Dress! Happy Spring!

  12. Hope you had a wonderful Easter! I love Nora's bunny dress, so adorable! 🙂 That banana bread looked so good. I made banana muffins last week, as I also didn't want to waste a couple of very ripe bananas. I'm glad you've been enjoying your family walks. We are doing the same!

  13. Loved this. Nora's outfits are THE CUTEST!!!! Cant wait to get my homebody shirt :))))))

  14. Just tried going to your Etsy shop but it must be down! I’ll try again tomorrow 🙂

    EDIT: it’s up and placed my order!

  15. I completely understand the body image especially after having kids. My weight has fluctuated more after having kids than before. Clothes fit different because our hips widen, etc during birth. However, I learned to focus on how I physically feel and my abilities (i.e. play with my kids, be able to stretch out etc) this helps me focus in a different way which is more important to me now as my priorities have changed. Good luck with your own adventure on body image!

  16. Your videos have cheered me up so much! We recently had a baby girl and it’s so fun to watch little nor nor grow up and your family 🙂

  17. Thank you so much for another great video. I can’t believe how big Nora is getting. She is simply precious. Hugs to Charlie bear ( I always have to mention Charlie). Happy Easter to the lamb family ❤️

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