North Korea Journey Vlog – Rozz Recommends Season 3: EP4

Rozz explores North Korea – a rustic infamous for its secrecy, thriller and brutal dictatorship. She joins in on nationwide celebrations, visits many native haunts, and uncovers a unique facet of North Korea unknown to many.

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  1. One thing that we have all taken for granted is freedom and how much our country has given to us. This country looks like a parallel world to me. How are people even living there. Does happiness even exist in that country. I hope one day they get to live a real “LIFE” in a real “world”. My prayers for them.

  2. You're supporting genocide if you go to North Korea. Shame on you.

  3. wth is crash landing on you, I'm here because of a documentary about north koreans living in a bubble in japan.

  4. visit Tashkent Uzbekistan and you will change your opinion of the most beautiful metro you have seen ever. you can even google Tashkent metro and see the images of yourself.

  5. I think this is the North Korea vlog people should watch if they really want to 'immerse' into Pyongyang and NK's culture and daily life.

  6. well its not to do with political correctnuss, its about the animal being harmed and animal cruelity

  7. I mean its not like people made up the terrible "rumours" about north korea, I got my view on it due to defectors of north korea who paint a pretty terrible picture.

  8. How the subtitles vanished suddenly.
    Kinda Kim Un Jong behind this.

  9. I watched a lot of documentary about DPRK discussing politics. After watching this I feel so confused on what DPRK is really like. Comparing to war torn countries in the middle east and africa and to the democratic countries known to have high statute economy, DPRK is unique and its people are disciplined setting aside the propaganda issue.

  10. So most of you are here because of "Crash landing on you" huh??

    That's exactly what I'm here for.!!!!

  11. By seeing this video I can definitely say that DPRK is better organised than our World Largest Democratic Country.

  12. "move aside, blackpink. north korea girl group is here to conquer"

  13. I watched this vlog because of Crash Landing On You. Lol. I just got curious about the culture of North Koreans. Very fascinating indeed.

  14. I watched this vlog because of Crash Landing On You. Lol. I just got curious about the culture of North Koreans. Very fascinating indeed.

  15. I really love how this video didn't sugarcoated anything, but at the same time didn't feel the need to shove some political agenda down other people's throats. It was an honest and very unbiased inside look to North Korea…

  16. This is a positive side of north Korea. Im a little bit amaze. But if u watch other vlog about nokor its really sad and make u mad.

  17. The North Koreans are wonderful people I hope they can someday experience freedom

  18. i felt pity for the people in north korea that they never enjoy the life we had experience till they miss a lot of happening in this world,they feel curious like gadget every foriegners bring their. I hope someday they will experience the called FREEDOM for their PRISON country..

  19. I was just wondering what it really looks like after hearing the horror stories from defecters! Pyongyang is not the reality unfortunately! I would have loved to see where most non rich North Koreans live!

  20. I am quite surprised the tour guid english is very good even like a professional

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