Newest Disney Information: Florida Strikes Nearer to Reopening, Shanghai Checks Fireworks, and Might 4th is HERE

Now we have extra cancellation information, however there could also be a light-weight on the finish of the tunnel as Florida Job Forces start to set procedures for reopening and Disney Parks start to check fireworks and reopen character meals!

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  1. As a florida resident, i just wanna say that the whole reopening florida things is only for the counties that are not as affected as the hot zones like miami dade, broward, and palm beach and even orange county; we are still on the stay at home order. also the theme parks suggestions are just that. disney summer programs are cancelled so the earliest they could open would probably be late august.

  2. Yeah who would have thought the people that can die should stay home?? God I'm so tired of being locked up 24/7, if I die, it was my time.

  3. I cannot imagine what has or will happen to the Disney cruise ships. Might be 2022 when other cruise ships resume.

  4. I would recommend not going until the situation is much much better than it is now. Think about how many people you come into contact with at Disney. Like, at least 300+ per day. It's a nightmare for disease spread. If you can postpone or cancel with minimal losses, I recommend doing so.

  5. I am supposed to go to Disney world in early October after our may trip got cancelled. Do you think that we will be able to go in october?

  6. You couldn’t give me a free all expenses paid vacation to Disney if you tried until there is a vaccine or some kind of treatment for COVID—19. It’s simply not worth the risk to your family.

  7. We had been hoping for a January/February 2021 trip with our daughter. We had planned that time since the day she was born (she’d be 2.5 years old and just old enough to enjoy some things). Even if everything opens, there’s still the risk of a second wave… I think we might end up waiting until she’s 5, as we’re hoping for a second baby late 2021/2022.

  8. As much as I desperately wanna root for Disney to reopen, I feel like the Florida governor is making a massive mistake. This could only end in disaster.

  9. I'm wondering how limited capacity will work.. I'm a passholder who has a 3 hour drive and I don't want to show up only to find out "Sorry, Folks.. Parks, full!".. They'd have to do some kind of online reservations or something…

  10. Sad for Californians and Disneylanders

  11. Wait… they're selling the thermal detonator Cokes here in Alabama? .w.
    Yay us, but why us?

  12. I hope they don't blockout cast members when they reopen. After having to deal with being furloughed.

  13. I am in Texas, and our governor just opened up my state with 25% capacity. It's not working because now everywhere I go is PACKED

  14. Lots of uncertainty.
    I'm soon to be 67, so there's even more uncertainty.

  15. I wonder how many idiots will show up and complain that their reservations were canceled (and then claim they want to stay anyway) and they can't get into the park.

  16. Hong Kong is not China. I'm disappointed.

  17. i just give up. my trip as at the end of august and i have little hope disney will be in phase 2 by then. i’m so over this bs. i can move my disney trip but not looking forward to fighting with the airlines. just over this

  18. We've got a holiday booked end of June. I'm really hoping we can go.

  19. sucks but we wont be traveling to fl. this year. from tx to our favorite place(wdw). i hope nxt summer all is well by then. good luck w face masks in the heat (no way kids leave them on, no way!)and not all the attractions open. too much money to invest for alot of restrictions.

  20. Really worried about by trip June 1st. I just want to know something soon. It’s crazy to not even be excited about a trip that’s 29 days away

  21. I’m suppose to be going in July 5th. So confused on when Phases are, what will be opened what won’t be… don’t have a clue what to do. Thanks for the info! Y’all are the best! Love from Louisiana

  22. On a different yet unrelated subject, I think Aquatica San Diego was supposed to open up for the season sometime this month but got pushed back to next month instead. I hope that's enough time but is it possible that Aquatica San Diego could stay open for another year in 2021 and the transformation into Sesame Place could get pushed back to 2022?

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