NEW PROJECT! RZR Professional XP "The Buffalo!" HCR Lengthy Journey!!!

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  1. You guys should look at getting a 2 post lift for working on rigs, they’re not that expensive these days! It would make you lives easier!!

  2. Здорово,ребята!!! С наилучшими пожеланиями, из России!

  3. Love the product but not for $9,000 dollars WTF ?!?!?!

  4. Anybody else not like the new design? The RZR Pros are disgusting… definitely would get an XP Turbo before these hideous machines.

  5. She's a THICC MACHINE!! It looks more like ET than it does a Buffalo or Darth Vader. And It's Something To Phone Home About. I mean, you could phone home and tell your dad how THICC she is. lol

  6. It is a family program, I'll be that fridge girl's daddy so that she's family-friendly. :)) Who's your daddy! lol.

  7. What tires are on that red turbo S that nick was in?

  8. Ive been binging old episodes lately… id love to see you guys do a throw back ep where you went and sat in the old Doug shop, had a couple bevies, and went over your favourite moments from the last few years. (With clips of course) Love the channel!!!

  9. At 28:34 the way The side profile looked and the way it soaked up the landing with the front end real low, it reminded me of a mid 2000’s funco sand car. Random i know.

  10. I'm throwing some engine codes in my 2020 RZR XP Pro was wondering if anybody my check engine light came on and it went into limp mode will knock you over 15 miles per hour

  11. SXS Blog would never be the same without the Sous.
    Great to see an HCR Pro install.

  12. If not the “Buffalo” how about Darth VaZAR

  13. When RG’s speed 4 seater hatches there isn’t going to be anything that compares. better hide your polaris and hide your canam.

  14. sous seems like hes on cocaine everyother episode

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