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Whether or not you are going to RV full time (like us), part-time RV, or weekend RV, you will want just a few issues to have the ability to use your RV!
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For any given product or product class, there are more likely to be many selections. These are the merchandise we have used for two.5 years on the street full time and be ok with recommending.

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  1. Oh, our second CG right after the shake d ou wn trip, we needed a water thief to hook up our water.

  2. What breed is Daisy.? She looks Maltese/Pekinese or a Peekapoo. So cute!

  3. Thanks and very good RV information. I like the bloopers too. We have 2019 GD Reflection 337 RLS and after year we are still learning new things. The checklist is a definite starter. Wish y’all good health and continued safe travels.

  4. I've watched a lot of your videos. You 2 are like the Neighbors everyone wishes they had. So nice and conversational in your videos. They are a pleasure to watch. I appreciate that you aren't trying to be over the top, overly enthusiastic, dramatic, etc. You 2 make great videos. Keep being you. Would be cool to see ya at a park one day.

  5. Great advice, I'll agree with 90 percent of this. You all have a ton of things that make life easier, I'm jealous in about quite a few and actually, after being almost 2 years in I had just ordered a few of them.

  6. What product do y'all recommend as a grey tank treatment?

  7. You guys crack me up. Keep up the great videos.

  8. We just found you guys and are already big fans of your approach and expertise! This was a wonderful tutorial. We are still preparing for our first trip and you gave us some great ideas for tools we had not yet thought about. Thanks for the links.

  9. Glad to see you mentioned the clothes hangers. I can attest to the hangers. I live in an older home with very small closets. I switched all the hangers over to the thin velveteen kind and was able to fit at least 3x's more clothes in the closet, plus I never find clothes that have slipped off onto the floor. They were already on my list to go into the RV.

  10. Good info. Tara you always look beautiful but I have to say your hair was looking amazing in this video. So think and healthy looking.

  11. You must have watched a KYD video, they did one like this too with the same products.

  12. I'm in the planning stages of going fulltime with the family, I find your channel extremely helpful in many areas. I like what yall did with this one.

  13. The leveling blocks saved my sister and I when we used them to change a flat on our RV. Wouldn't leave home w/o them now!

  14. Buy the VOX headset for your walkie-talkies….hands free.

  15. Good information. Hangers and command hooks are not often mentioned. Appreciate how the two of you have respect for each other and work together. Blessings on your travels and letting us ride with you. If you ever have a meet up in the Austin area hope to see you. Good Indian Motorcycle dealer here. Texas JACK


  17. I do think also the hardest thing is finding a comfortable camping chair!

  18. Great list, THANK YOU for making the difference between full and part timers, I have never seen anyone do that before, so often I disagree with the lists on line because they are focused on full timers only. The four things I want to add are:

    1) 4-way to change the tires, amazing they don't come with anything for your RV lug nuts to change a flat tire (probably in your tool video, but I think this is worth saying here)
    2) Paper towel holder, when that first mess comes, you don't want to be trying to remember where they are…
    3) A trash can or over cabinet trash bag holder
    4) IF you are in a travel trailer, you need anti-sway bars. MUST, MUST, MUST! ( I know you have a 5th wheel)

    Fully agree start with the minimal and buy AS YOU NEED it, I have BUCKETS of accessories that I have NEVER used, so much money and wasted space, year 4 of RVing and I wish this video was available when I started, I kept saying, but they forgot, then you said it! Thanks for helping the noobs, this is a must watch video. Keep making great videos!

  19. Where did the pet monitor system come from. I had a bad experience awhile ago where the power went out in the campground and we didn’t know. It almost killed my dog. It was a very serious issue so I am interested

  20. Awesome video. Heading to your amazon site now to make some purchases. Also, love the sunshade, my birthday present

  21. I have seen a TP review video and was surprised one of the best TP's as far as disintigrating is the Wal-Mart brand. It was nice to find a quality TP that works for the RV. Especially since most "RV" toilet papers are horrible.

  22. Didn't know propane monitors existed…..Just ordered one….Thanks for a great video.

  23. Best Helpful Video Ever – Thanks for sharing…

  24. Hi there ! I been watching your videos and love them all , can't wait for the tool box video I have the same one and love it . You guys just got a new sub ! have a great day

  25. Here is the reason parks don't allow you to run the sewer hose on the ground, anyway one of my 1st trips to Sedona AZ I had to go buy a sidewinder so I asked the ranger why this is what he said, if you lay your sewer hose on the ground and if it leaks they can't drive by and see if your hose is leaking at a glance and they don't want that crap seeping into the water table! Therefore they want your sewer hose above the ground!

  26. Nice episode, lots of stuff to consider. I didn't realize there was such a difference in equipment need when comparing a motorhome and a fifth wheel. Never thought of it, but there is.

  27. Great video. Two quick questions… Did you have your RV dealer install your washer & dryer, or just cut the vent opening? I assume the zero Ghose is rated for drinking? Thanks

  28. We are picking up our 310gk in a couple weeks. This was perfect timing for us. We will be hitting up your list of things to get. Thanks you guys.

  29. I ain't no rv person but I love watching these videos to see what you guys go through, and what living is like and the problems you have or don't. Very nice video.

  30. For laundry… we carry a couple of spring tube hampers, have one in the bedroom and another one in storage as a spare. Carry laundry detergent (we use scent-free packs), dryer sheets, and several rolls of quarters!! Laundry day is usually every four days or once a week (both hampers her full). Strip the bed… Yikes! -Jersey Mike and Linda

  31. Another great and very useful video! Need Coax cables for cable hookup. I carry a 25’ and a 50’. I keep in a baggie some unions and the slip on connectors so I can quickly get connected. I keep spare batteries for the remotes, AAA and AA. – Jersey Mike, ‘20 351M, ‘17 F450

  32. Your favorite chairs are ????? Thanks Navy and glad to see Tara is doing better.

  33. Thanks for the great information

  34. Does that new toolbox affect the fifth wheel and the Kingpin

  35. awesome informative video that black tank advice is gonna help. and i would like to ask that is it only me or does anyone hear a reverb sometimes i heard one when you showed the sneak peak of the tool box it sounded weird for me thats it

  36. Love watching you guys.i has learned so much .please don’t stop .

  37. Let me be honest with you. I was frustrated and scared when I was watching the entire video lol. A lot of the stuff are new to me until I reminded myself that I survived college. We are waiting for our RV to be delivered end of May. We are ready to have a beautiful adventures. From the bottom of my heart thank you guys and we love you.

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