My Solo Journey to ALASKA | Cruising From Vancouver to Anchorage

I spent 11 days cruising up the coast of Alaska and it was MAGICAL.
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Because of Seabourn for inviting me on this cruise – it was actually the expertise of a lifetime!


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The music I take advantage of in my movies:



Most important Digital camera:

THE WILDLIFE LENS – that is the telephoto I shot the entire wildlife on!!

Vlog digital camera:


Motion Digital camera:

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  1. Going outside in Alaska I would feel like Elsa singing into the unknown . So if I go there to visit I would sing it when I would go out

  2. Wow… Just amazing!!
    Can you please tell me, In which month did you visited Alaska?
    Or which month would be great to visit there?

  3. Allison, you been to Alaska and you only seen a small part, from a Cruises hip, that’s not “real Alaska”, by the way I have lived year round in Alaska the past 39 years, real Alaska is seen by bushplane and small boat, no place compares to Real Alaska, simple!!!

  4. That is one of my fantasy selves too ❤ also all those animals would have me crazy happy. Now I need to visit here!!

  5. i want to free my self realation die me with u m u r pain ful love

  6. As someone that was raised in Alaska and hasn't been back in nearly 20 years, this video tugs at my heart strings. You really don't realize how amazing it is when you're always there, but when you're gone, you sure do miss it a lot. I've lived in places that are very beautiful, but Alaska is next-level special. It's a joy to see someone who has a high expectation be blown away by it still. Thank you for sharing your trip!

  7. Allison, this is my absolute favorite video of life. I literally come here to watch this as if I’m meditating because 1) I dream of traveling to Alaska 2) it’s so calming and beautiful 3) you’re just so inspiring and warm and beautiful 4) I had a horrible day; like today and lastly, you’re awesome! Thank you for taking me along with you on this trip and for being my calming center.

  8. I will put this simple, Alaska, no place even compares.

  9. Alison – this footage is STUNNING! Absolutely STUNNING! I LOVE your travel vlogs! You're so creative and talented with the way you shoot these vlogs and in your editing! Watching vlogs like this has reignited my wanderlust big time! 🙂

  10. First time watching your vlog, loved it so well put together really good work

  11. This is amazingg! Well done! I am in love with the videography and with Alaska as well! 🙂

  12. Absolutley gorgeous. And Alaska too. No, but seriously, Alaska is definitely a place I'd like to visit. It's so far away from where I live but I hope that I can go there some day. Heaven on Earth. Thank you for the video.

  13. How amazing! you should be a travel videographer or something, this video is stunning! totally makes me want to go to alaska asap
    but I need to a little guide for get the visa of USA. Can you help

  14. The footage is absolutely amazing when it comes to nature, you did a good job. But why… Why do u need to show us your face every damn 10 seconds? It totally ruins the atmosphere. The video would be much better only with your voice to comment on what's going on. Sorry if it sounds rude, didn't mean to offend u.

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