You should purchase the White Fortress Cheeseburgers within the freezer part of Walmart. WOOOOOOOOO!

My title is Mike and I journey round with my canine Sober in my 2003 F450 Class C SunSeeker with a v10 engine, dwelling on the street. My canine Sober’s title has nothing to do with ingesting, it’s her persona. She is all the time calm and Sober!

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Continuously requested Questions:
Gopro Hero 3+ Black, Gopro Hero Three silver/white, iSteady Professional Hohem Handheld 3-axis Electrical Gimbal, Adobe Premiere Professional modifying software program, numerous lapel mics wi-fi.

I received my canine named Sober in Slab Metropolis in 2013. Her title was Sober once I received HER. It has nothing to do with ingesting. It is simply her persona.

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  1. Every time I drive through the Bronx in NY I have to risk life and limb to get a bag full of fresh White Castles. Love those little critters.

  2. Bad generator, oil change, brake fluid flush, gas to go north……is this foreshadowing for a Superchat?
    Mickey you are a cinematic genius.

  3. Mike. Regarding you breaks sticking in a Ford E class or F class. The brakes stick for three different reasons.
    1. The caliper is bad and is sticking. Fix: change caliper break pads and brake hose.
    2. The slides between the caliper and bracket are not sliding smoothly.
    Fix: remove caliper and slides. Clean slide pins and add new grease.
    3. The break hose is bad and isn’t letting fluid pressure away from caliper causing the caliper to not release. Reason hoses go bad: the metal bracket that holds the hose to the frame or control arm has rusted and is squeezing the hose shut. The pressure of the fluid is high enough to push by the blockage but there is no pressure in the fluid from the caliper to push the fluid back up past the blockage in the other direction to release the pressure.

    ALWAYS replace the brake hoses after you have a sticking caliper for any reason. The heat created by the stuck caliper can destroy the inside of the hose. ALWAYS replace the hose when you replace the caliper.

    # 2 and 3 are notorious in E and F series trucks.

  4. Always following Mike and Sober Girl!! Be safe!!! Head North and stay cool!!

  5. White Castles nothing like the real thang I’m from NY originally and loves going to the restaurant the frozen has nothing on the orginals lol. In Texas missing them!

  6. Still a bit chilly up here in MN. Next week its supposed to be warmer.

  7. The problem with the generator is exactly what I told you it was in the last video, so I'm glad you figured it out. Good job reading the comments

  8. Sorry it's so hot Mike it snowed on me today May 11th in southeast Colorado. Overcast all day.

  9. Hope you figured out your braking issue! I immediately thought your starter was bad the last video…hopefully thats it! Oh and yes I love me some white castle 🙂

  10. If it was me I’d be up buying a $300 generator just to have it on standby and running my AC right now

  11. Oh MY ! Its cookin' with Mike ! Looks like a great Dish Mike !! Thank you !!!

  12. You just made my day good today. Thank you Mike. Hanging out with you via YouTube post is the best medicine for me. I have been dealing with a bunch of health issues. You and my cats keep me from getting negatively affected by this. This particular posting was so fun and I thank you so much. You have no idea…….blessings to you and Sober.

  13. I love the flashback photos. I've watched you from day one and my all time favorite pic is one from (( you must become one with the flys)) you ROCK.

  14. I thought I heard unicorns outside your RV when you was cooking.

  15. You crack me up every time I watch you…which is everytime you upload a video… love it all. Keep it comin brother. Much love ~ RiverJack Z ( and HaRVey the RV )

  16. Sober looks like a "Dog on a Mission" digging that bed, on your beach! Lol! 🙂 Great Job Sober! 🙂

  17. Thanks for taking the time out of your very busy day to make a video so soon since your fans love daily videos, I know us lowly scum fans don't deserve it, but thanks King Mike.

  18. Good idea on the White Castle burgers….. I live one mile from a White Castle restaurant but I haven't been there since the start of covid. I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow and I plan to pick up some frozen sliders. Yum!

  19. Grew up on White Castle sliders (called burgers in the 70's). Had to settle for Krystal's when not on the east coast. Store brand WH is better than nothing.

  20. You really should get that mass on your temporal area checked.i noticed it around the 10:0810:10 timestamp

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