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MY TRAVEL PACK | EXTREME MINIMALIST – At the moment I’m sharing how I pack light-weight and minimally for touring. Learn the way a Minimalist packs in an eco-friendly manner whereas working as a digital nomad. I additionally share a couple of easy packing hacks.

Pakt Bag:


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• Linen garments:
• Menstrual cup:
• Utensils:
• Bamboo toothbrush:
• Zip bag:
• Pure cleaning soap:
• Collapsible cup:
• Wash bag:
• Kindle:
• Laptop computer:
• Ranger roll method:
• Goodbye Issues by Fumio Sasaki:
• Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo:

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  1. Do you have any upcoming travel plans? What's your favorite travel activity?

  2. How can people dislike this video?

  3. Very nice video! Kinda like me, but I instead use a backpack. Also I take less electronics for a trip.

  4. Hi! Sorry for asking, is your cat ok? This is the first video I watch from you, and I love it! New subscriber here.

  5. Hi! How much does your bag weights at the end? I am going as well to Japan 3 months and I have only 5 kg permitted. I want to use this opportunity to grow as a minimalist! Loved your video, thanks✨

  6. I love your videos,they make me super calm and I love how acceptive with all lifestyles you are!! <333

  7. you could use resuable linen or other material bags to separate your clothes and camera gear, or your toothbrush from the bag

  8. It's not extreme minimalism, but I do think that you did well. Liked and subscribed 🙂
    I love the fact that you are low waste.

  9. I was all excited to get the Pakt bag until I saw the price…$275!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Please can you tell me what soap you use?

  11. You are so kind and nurturing with every word you say…. I aspire to be that way ❤️

  12. “I know that I can never be perfect so I focus on trying my best in the present moment”


  13. I LOVE the gopakt bag. I have wanted it for a long time but the price has stopped me from purchasing. You believe its worth the price?

  14. I love minimalist travel. I used to pack a 45 liter bag… but was always made to check it… even though it was supposed to be max size carry on. I went smaller… buying the 35 liter Minaal 2.0 convertible travel backpack. Now the airlines always let me carry on. No more checking bags… no more wondering who is tossing my bag around and worrying it might get diverted. No more waiting at carousels… I go for months at a time.. to Asia with just one 35 liter bag. (Yes… tight Ranger Rolling is the best for packing clothing.)
    . BUT… now I'm going to go even SMALLER… I'm buying the 21 liter Minaal Daily bag… And that will be all I take. I've heard of people traveling for months with just a 17 liter bag… even smaller than I am going to have.
    I just don't understand the young backpaxckers I see in Thailand and Cambodia loaded down with huge expedition backpacks on their back…85 – 120 liter… and then even another, smaller backpack on their front.. "Turtle Backpackers" we call them.
    What in the world do they carry in those huge bags? ?

  15. What do you pack for winter? Would a large coat fit in one of these bags? I am travelling to the states from australia in december (from summer to winter) so I will have warmer/thicker clothes. I would love one of these bags but would it fit a big jacket and jumpers and jeans?
    Love you calming videos <3

  16. 와우~ 4달 여행에 짐이 이렇게 적을 수도 있군요~
    반성할께요~ 전 너무 많은 짐을 가지고 여행하고 다녔네요~ ^^

  17. Could you give me the link to where I can buy the barefoot shoes that you own, please? I tried searching for that brand online but I am left unsure as to whether I found the right model…

  18. btw u will need a winter shoe when u go to japan. My friend is from japan and it will get cold and snowy some places they dont shovel the snow on the ground.

  19. Sweet heart, I just LOVE your channel and the kindness you spread! So healing in itself… Do you have had any problems carrying your big bottle while flying when passing security checks? Or won't you check in everything as hand luggage?

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