Moscow appears to be like like Disneyland!

Right now I headed to the Izmailovsky Market, positioned contained in the Izmailovo Kremlin and it felt like I used to be in a Russian Disney fortress.
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  1. Market is kind of bad taste, but looks like an interesting experience.

  2. I dont know why but just watching locals in Russia live day to day seems like a hard life. Weather, environment etc…

  3. I appreciate all you do in delivering exceptional content in your 'Travel & Lifestyle'videos.On this occasion however are you not concerned about travelling given the fact that the corona virus is rapidly spreading throughout the globe? Are you not racing to get back home as fast as you can knowing all the while you will most likely have to 'self-isolate' for at least 2 weeks in your 'country of arrival'? Please don't take it the wrong way. Just looking out for you as a fellow human being. Best wishes for a safe stay in Russia and a safe fight to your next destination.

  4. Сейчас во многих странах тур поток снижается и скорее всего из за этого и лавки не все заполнены

  5. This far from disneyland or any place where to leads children. Cartoon buildings made with paper surrounding the swap meet. not more

  6. короновирус гуляет по планете вот и мало туристов.

  7. музыка очень хорошо подобрана

  8. Watching this video is like opening one of those delightful Russian dolls…we see the same Russia but different from the previous video. 😀

  9. 10:15 This is whipped honey or creamy honey. Взбитый мёд или крем-мёд.

  10. Weeeeeeeeeeeee! Can't start my weekend without my weekly dose of Poppy on Friday! Great video!

  11. That's really awesome I quite enjoyed that! I wish I could travel like that! Thank you for opening my eyes!

  12. Like your videos, n Please, stay safe!

  13. Bright and colorful: not what I expected of Russia

  14. Nice vlog… good to see normal daily life. On the Spanish look, have you try. Those kits like Ancestry DNA. Maybe you got some Spanish, Latino blood background in you. That should be next adventures, discover your heritage and visit those countries and maybe find distant relatives.

  15. As of today only 45 virus cases in Russia and no fatalities. I would go if I could.

  16. The Central Museum of the Armed Forces is about a 2-hr walk west from there. I remember being at the Izmaylovo market in 2009, but the weather was pretty lousy. =)

  17. when do you recorded this? as a muscovite a presume may/early september, right now it`s +3 in Moscow %)
    I think the problem with Измайловский кремль is that it`s near the flea market and all the tourists are swarming there. Also, as it is a "fake history" it is not overcrowded, as far Moscow has TOO MUCH of history for group tourists, so only sole travelers gets there when they have week or two JUST for Moscow

  18. Hi Poppy, you’re always incredibly awesome to travelling cross the world, be careful for this time!

  19. As a Moscovite: I don't like this place, no cultural background (just new built palace for turists) and a lot of southern migrants trying to fool tourists that pay times more than things actually cost. It's way more interesting in the city center, even just walking down the streets.

  20. yes, i am looking forward to see your next vlog !!!!

  21. Poppy is a Disney princess. Maybe snow white, waiting for her charming gopnik

  22. Reminds me of a game I used to play called "Candy Land" . I hear you sister everyone things I am Spanish. And of course they speak Spanish to me. I literally am learning Spanish now…Lol. I embrace it and watch Novellas, love them so much. Cheers.

  23. Nice footage. Btw… Russia has it's own folk and children's fairytale characters. Baba yaga , Ivan the fool etc. It's a way to get into the Russian psyche.

  24. That is the awesome place for markets, not many international tourists though due to the virus swirling over the world. Hope you could get more favorite stuff at real discount.
    9:03 tourist information shown in Chinese characters which says please do up to the 3rd stair for more restaurants.

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