MANGROVES AND CROCODILES, SIARGAO (Half 3) – #BecomingFilipino Your Journey Weblog

Over 4000+ hectares of Mangroves…

That is “Half 3” of our #BecomingFilipino: Your Journey Weblog Siargao Episode…

Right here I’ll take you to the unimaginable mangroves of Del Carmen that are dwelling to crocodiles, as effectively to hidden lagoons and to study a little bit bit about crab trapping.

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Tremendous Apir!


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  1. Play spiders and we consider you a real Filipino jk you are a real Filipino now

  2. I like this travel vlog segment kulas plus endorsment of places to eat and sleep awesome! Hope you find a sponsor too to help you finance your travel

  3. just make sure you don’t disturb the crocodiles there, they’ve never attacked humans there, hope noone disturbs their peace and it stays that way

  4. I am from Surigao.

    We call that bamboo thing BOBO. Happy to see that it still exist as a tool in catching crabs! I missed my father when i saw that BOBO. He always tag us along whenever it's time to harvest the bobo

  5. I wish we are of the same age I like to go with you and together we explore Siargao but not that kind of boat that you use here I might be off-balanced and then splash… hehehe. Thanks for posting Kulas.

  6. Kulas, you can also be a comedian. Very funny. I work from home and videos like this from you and Finn is what makes my day go by. Very entertaining!!! Just hope the company I work for doesn't find out…biro lang 😀 By the way, I wanted to purchase a shirt but links on your vlog not working. Any new links??? Send me. Thanks

  7. seeing those mangroves gives me goosebumps, beautiful nature , well preserved ,,, thanks to concerned people of Siargao ,, thank you so much KULAS , the Philippine Tourism endorser from Canada

  8. Love it. I liked yor video. Perhaps we could subscribe to each other's channel since we both love travel )

  9. Hello Kyle.. I see how u enjoy ur stay in our country and I admire how u create ur travel vlogs..Im browsing some travels vlogs to looking forward to creating my own channel someday and I guess I found an inspiration… it is true that one can change a simple destination a paradise by telling stories and showcasing the locales hospitality.. thank u for ur love for our country Kyle ❤

  10. 1:09 Ang ganda!!! Jk i can speak english, but im pure filipino

  11. sa mga nag thumbs down,were so lucky to have a kulas vloger peru hindi talaga lahat nang tao ay aayun sayu,to kulas keep it up man so nice person

  12. Kyle you're Amazing, thanks for choosing Philippines as your touring place, have you been in Palawan and Capiz?try to go there when you had a chance…

  13. Thank you Kulas for showing us different places in the Philippines

  14. Sometimes i hear english words when he speaks filipino so does that mean america and philippines are connected years ago?

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