Make Cash With An Journey Journey Weblog: Matthew Karsten Interview

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Matthew Karsten runs a preferred journey journey weblog, Knowledgeable Vagabond, and I needed to listen to how he makes a dwelling from his weblog.


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  1. Awesome vid! Truly liking your stuff 🙂 check out my vid if you have some time, I think we both have the same passions

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  3. what happened to ur website?  it doesn't seem to be coming up.

  4. Great Interview! definitely very helpful!

  5. This is awesome thanks Benjamin and Matthew for sharing these amazing tips! I am starting my own travel blog + video series, have been working at it for a while but will finally launch it soon. The tips in this video are the best I found online, thank you!

  6. Thats fanfriggintastic info guys! It takes away alot of anxiety as I approach The Plunge. Thank you so much for knowledge.

  7. You both are great. Thanks for the interview. Hope to meet one day!

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