So, you shot some dangerous journey video footage and also you’d love to do what you possibly can with video enhancing to make to make it look higher. Right here I share three highly effective video …


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  1. I'd absolutely love to be travel video channel, maybe anyone could help me out and give me some feedback on a video I just made, it's my second attempt at a travel video and i've had some positive comments from travel enthusiasts saying I should make them for a living which would be an opportunity of a lifetime but I'd love to hear what other people think who know a little more about the film side of it all, any help would be very much appreciated if it's something I could be good at then i'd definitely film a lot more although if it looks like i'm in over my head I'll stick to what i'm doing! :/ If it interests anyone then I thank you in advance! It would most certainly be a privilege to hear feedback from AMaeTV but my luck isn't the best haha

  2. Thank you I find your videos incredibly helpful and you have helped my photography and videography immensely.

  3. Great Video Alicia and very informative.. Taking a video with little or no stabilization always looks terrible.. Thankfully, modern cameras are a lot more stable.. 🙂

  4. I've never edited a video's collar before. I see in other peoples post that they highlighted eye collar or taken blemishes away. I'm thinking about using make-up. I had to cut my hair so worrying about that isn't such an issue. When it comes down to it I need a stabilizer. Maybe two. I've learned also that cutting corners to save money has cost me. The WiFi box I got at the Yard Sale for $2 can't be used. They didn't put the sticker on it that has the code.

  5. First comment. Glad I found you on YouTube. I have learned a lot from your videos. Thank you. Happy Sunday.

  6. I hope these tricks help you fix your less than great travel video footage! Leave a comment and tell me – What are your filmmaking mistakes and / or editing tricks to make less than perfect travel video footage look awesome again?

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