Dan and Chelle have had some main change of plans! Their upcoming journey to Costa Rica has been cancelled, they usually’ve additionally needed to cancel going to CA to do senior footage for his or her niece Madi! Whereas it’s all very unhappy, they’re completely satisfied to do their half in stopping the unfold of any germs. They’ve taken to working from residence in the intervening time and spending LOTS of time with their little canine Louie!



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  1. You guys are awesome. I have trips in May, June & July that I think will be postponed too. We need to be safe ❤️

  2. Hiya Guys, you do know that the Chinese doctor who first dicovered the virus was in his early thirties and he died of it. This virus really does not discrminate of age. Stay safe. xxx

  3. Yall stay safe

    Prayers yall way

  4. I come to your channel because you two are such amazing fun people!

  5. Just heard momma n papa Bingham are heading sad as it is that they have been called home from thier dream mission, however very glad they will be safe with family!

  6. Are you two driving each other insane with both of you being home?

    My family drove each other insane on the first day of all of us being home together!!

  7. I’m with you Chelle. I miss the gym. I’ve been doing HIiT workouts at home but it’s not the same doing it all by myself. Hopefully this craziness doesn’t last too long. Stay safe.

  8. Be under no illusion this virus does not know age in Ireland 18 to 35 years – granted no deaths but that's the age demographic in Ireland at present.

  9. I hope your family is staying healthy dan. I know they are on the west coast.

  10. Ways enjoy your cheerfulness, and apply natures, whether you travel or no. Loved the drone footage! And house tour. M ensconced in a big pile of yarn and knitting, but I have a stand for my bike so I can do indoor bike workouts, which are fun. Sorry your trips had to be postponed, I can bet this is sad for Maddie, with school closures and no proms at prom time. I hope they have a belated one. But I hope most we can get this virus eliminated.

  11. Garage is amazing! Is it temp controlled??? Also, Chelle, why don’t you work out upstairs so you don’t have to move stuff every day? Just curious.

  12. Thank you so much for not contributing to the spread of this. I'm among the high risk as is my mother, sister and uncle!

  13. just curious have you ever tried to make your dog some prodo type dog toys? just wondering.

  14. Please keep making videos . Your personalities are what makes us come to your channel. At least to me it is you and not your travels.

  15. It’s been a week for sure. I’m an office manager of a few urgent cares. Trying to keep our patients safe and our staff! Stay safe you two!

  16. stay safe guys tell mom and dad we all say hi and be safe stay in doors hurry up with madis pics

  17. we went and visited family in Alabama. I asked my aunt as we were leaving if we were doing the social distancing thing…she said she wanted a hug. lol. Hug at your own risk HA!

  18. my favorite people but my niece had to postpone her wedding which was to be in 2 weeks

  19. So good to see you guys. Stay safe! Thank goodness for our houses. I can’t imagine being stuck in a tiny apartment!

  20. My son has a masters in mechanical engineering and works with a contractor at Hill Airforce Base in Ogden. Working at home right now to.

  21. We love you Chelle and Dan plus Louie! Thanks for your positive videos and thanks for following the Guidelines for now. I hope Mom and Dad are safe as well. Louie lol really does not know what's going on. We are in this all together and we will get through this together. I am one of the high risk(Asthmatic) so I am self-quarantining (3rd day) for 2 weeks as a precaution. I work at an Animal Hospital and we have been following the CDC Guidelines and doing things different. Very sad that many things put on hold. Yes we need outside time as well. Blessed Be and stay safe.

  22. Happy for Louie sad for you guys. Hopefully the financial hit for Chelle's won't affect future trips. You must have shot this before the CA shutdown.

    Here in NYC evrything will be closed except essentials. EVERYONE in NYC has to work from home. If you do not have remote capability your office emust get their shit together and provide that. My PCP closed his office. So did my dentist. Subways are now for essential workers only.

  23. You two or should I say three with little Louie are so precious and so fun to watch!!!!!! I'm so happy that Dan can work from home too!!!! You all please stay safe and pray this will all be over soon!!!! I love you all!!!!!

  24. I’ve been hearing so many people say that they can’t travel or do anything fun. We’re definitely a spoiled, entitled society. We’ve been given a wake up call, and if we don’t stop “showing of” we’re going to be in a worse position.

  25. So many plans cancelled for so many but I respect your decision! My sister had to cancel her New Orleans trip this month for her birthday…my Zac Brown Brand concert was cancelled that's in OCTOBER! I work for a high school here in OR and our graduation is cancelled 🙁 Our U of O graduation won't happen. I feel so bad for our seniors. Such a crazy time but we all need to work together to stay safe! Just me and my doggies at home.

  26. I am not very successful working out at home. I put it on the list but tend to avoid it. I am walking to the neighborhood mail boxes.

  27. Feeling blue during this quarantine? Get a Dog hahah! Seriously my Dog is just bringing me so much happiness, as he always does!

  28. I would to see the. basement you talked about Daniel fixing up a long time ago.Never did get to see it.would love to see it now.

  29. We guys are Da' BOMB!! ❤️
    I'm sorry your trips had to be cancelled, especially the one for Madi's Senior Pictures.
    It's crazy how things have changed in such a short amount of time.
    Stay safe and healthy! ❤️

  30. Brand new subscriber here to your channel, I can say you both are keeping an upbeat attitude with everything going on in our world. As of right now we have been able to contain the cases to Southern Minnesota and it hasn't ventured north but right now just taking it day to day. Keep your heads up and we will all get through this. One thing that amazes me about all of this is how communities are coming together to help out those in need and what stores are doing for our most vulnerable.

  31. sounds like awesome trips sucks this virus is ruining things. no worries I don't want you two sick and miserable. stay safe.

  32. Happy Friday Daniel, Michelle & Louie!!!
    So great to hear from you two luv birds.
    Sorry that trips are being postponed for you. But, you two have the right attitude for it. Postponing for future times.
    And I'm sure Louie is more than happy that you both are home. From the looks of the video. I'm a thinking a walk was needed for him. (giggle, giggle)
    I hope you include your thoughts of the earthquake that happened the other day in the next Vlog.
    That said….cyber elbow bumps for everyone!!!!

  33. Stay safe. Will miss the travel but it will come later. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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