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With its energetic cultural scene and hectic nightlife, Madrid is a metropolis that can not be ignored. Lonely Planet checks out the highlights of Spain’s capital. Go to for extra data on Madrid.


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  1. Im from the States and for me Madrid the most impressive city in Europe sorry oopss Paris the first Madrid the second. I loved London too for me the 3rd and Prague or Budapest very nice . Barcelone is a joke really absolutelly overrated ….

  2. It's always the same topics on Madrid. Flamenco (which is not in any way the folk music of Madrid. It is an andalusian music. It's just like if you go to New York or L.A. to find the essence of Country music. Of course you will find Country bars, but the real thing is on places like Nashville. If you want the essence of Flamenco, you should go to Seville or Córdoba. Or even Granada.) bullfighting (most of young people are against this cruel feast have you ever called fox hunting in UK a 'sport''? even in some places in Spain, Catalonia and the Canary Islands, bullfighting is banned.)

  3. Beautiful fun city with the best nightlife in the world

  4. Nice video Deja Vu Full Movie in "Time Travel" Movies like "Looper" 2006 !

  5. I love Madrid!! I went there on exchange and lived there for a year, one of the best cities ever! The weather is always amazing, epic nightlife and delicious tapas 😀 Retiro Park was definitely my favourite spot in the city

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