Lockdown Essential Airport KI Halat Kaise ho Gaye, Cycle Baba Ep. 249

In Thiis video we journey at airport in lockdown situation in Europe and all about my day by day life in Quarantine ,
Essential Airport KI Halat Kaise ho Gaye, Cycle Baba Ep. 249
Hey Buddies Hope you all are doing Advantageous .
Keep House Keep Protected

Playlist is ……
1. England – https://rb.gy/347562
2. Europe – https://rb.gy/e16fc1
3. Armenia – https://rb.gy/1193a8
4. Turkey – https://rb.gy/e38321
5. INDIA – https://rb.gy/1675f4
6. SINGAPORE – https://rb.gy/a1ddbe
7. MALAYSIA – https://rb.gy/c00f2c
8. MAYANMAR – https://rb.gy/8e7046
9. GEORGIA – https://rb.gy/cf02c8
10. IRAN – https://rb.gy/4fc693
11. TAIWAN – https://rb.gy/60cd7a
12. UAE – https://rb.gy/a10b7b
13. JAPAN – https://rb.gy/8a767c
14. SRILANKA – https://rb.gy/b4193e
15. AZERBAIJAN – https://rb.gy/27b87f
16. INDONESIA – https://rb.gy/b39d63
17. PHILIPPINES – https://rb.gy/45147b
18. THAILAND – https://rb.gy/69a424
19. OMAN – https://rb.gy/6001b5
20. VIETNAM – https://rb.gy/1b7116
21. BANGLADESH – https://rb.gy/8723a0
22. CAMBODIA – https://rb.gy/4dd104

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  1. Cycle baba yahan par india wala number kaise chal raha hai

  2. Pdha Likha h bahi mask lga ke aana tahh ASE hi baith gya pagal khi Ka Maine smga pdha Likha h

  3. सर जी अभी भारत सरकारने जारी किया हे की जो बाहेर फसे हू को भारत लाय जायगे

  4. Free lunch available due to modi government huminity approach for indian people who trouble in other countries…

  5. Never blame anyone in your life. Good people give you happiness. Bad people give you experience. The worst people give you a lesson. And the best people give you memories

  6. आप तो बास्को डिगामा से बढ़कर लिकलें साइकिल बाबा
    आप दुनिया तो घूम ही रहें हैं
    साथ मे हमलोगों को भी घुमा रहे हैं
    सच मे जब आपके वीडियो देखते हैं तो ऐसा महसूस होता है कि आपके साथ साथ हम भी world tour पर निकले हैं

  7. Thanks for best video & Indian Embassy for care of our hero. Best wishes from Piscataway New Jersey USA

  8. Baba ji ram ram or kitne din lage he tamne vade airport vale hotel m jaldi c bTao hamne kuch coz it's going week going ur in hotel room just waiting whem you ho out explore something new love from kaithal

  9. Please find Papa on Duty
    Indian youtuber in hollans

  10. Love you be healthy इंडियन से
    बात कर वेडिऔ बना कर रखो

  11. Love you be healthy इंडियन से
    बात कर वेडिऔ बना कर रखो

  12. Bhaiya I am Gujarati but I live life like you .u can try pot noodle Bombay bad boys it spice and you can make with only hot water .Thank you

  13. Sir Hum vaise bhi aapki video and tak hi dekhte hain voh bhi full hd resolution ke sath jy hind jy bharat

  14. बाबाजी नमस्ते,
    आपके सारे EP(249) मैने देख लिए है।बहुत अच्छा लगा भाई।

  15. aap dil se video banatey ho Janab…

  16. Baba aap video daily dala kro yar aap ka mai daily wait karta hun

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