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Let’s have a look at what number of Royal Caribbean and cruise questions I can reply!


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  1. Wouldn't want to be on the first or second cruise out after the crisis is over. I'm looking for proof there are no infections.

  2. 1000% Wonder and Icon Class will be delayed if not cancelled

  3. Dude, love your enthusiasm, but you're blasting my ears! TOO LOUD MAN, TOO LOUD! Get a compressor, ugh!

  4. It's not only the levels – the mic sucks. You can't use the camera and mic built into an old laptop for vlogging. It's not meant for that – at least by today's vlogging standards. The video is blurry also. I think there is oil on your lens.

  5. June 12th Mariner of the Seas. I’m thinking we should reschedule till next year. Would anyone take a chance with this June if it’s available???

  6. My cruise is june 5th on the royal hows it looking for us

  7. We live in liverpool England and are due to cruise on anthem of the seas in August this yr from Southampton. What do u think the chances are that we go please xx

  8. When you bid for and get an upgrade to a suite, do you get the perks associated with the suite or are you limited to what comes with your original cabin?

  9. I love Explorer too! Have been on her twice. Staff is awesome!

  10. My B2B cruise in May has been cancelled. I took FCC, I will be out there again! Waiting until things settle down before I rebook

  11. I have already found the date I'm going to rebook to if my cruise gets cancelled. I'm trying to stay prepared for anything.

  12. I tested positive for coronavirus and i watch these videos to give me hope that I will get better to go on my first cruise. Thank You Matt helping me get through these hard times.

  13. Love your bloggs and thanks for adjusting volume and lighting. Suggest having lighting higher or behind you. Keep healthy

  14. My March 21st sail date was of course cancelled. Any word on when RC will start issuing refunds?  
    I am owed ~$600 for shore excursions (my mom paid for the cruise itself, so that will be her refund not mine – gift to her children)
    I contacted them about a week ago thru their website but no response back yet.

  15. As a seasoned cruiser myself I think many of you are in dream land thinking that cruising will be back in operation in any form within 3 months! Most likely after the end of the year.

  16. awesome content keep it up bro

  17. Oops….376 days left….April 2021..Explorer of the Seas

  18. When you want to talk about Royal Caribbean this is the man you want to talk to

  19. I'm hoping we are still able to go on our July 10 Alaskan Cruise on Ovation of the Seas

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