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Music by @youngbodzy – Them Know through @hellothematic
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Music by @youngbodzy – Dangerous Woman (Refix) through @hellothematic
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  1. *THIS VIDEO WAS PREVIOUSLY RECORDED!* Many of you know, that I was never going to upload this footage. Something got stuck in my camera mic and the entire audio was muffled. It was pretty upsetting because there was A LOT of footage that I had to omit and documenting my travels in general is something I do for myself to look back on. I decided to just do a compilation of our days in Lagos for memories sake! <3 Thanks for watching and until we can travel again!!!!

  2. OMG, I'm so glad you decided to upload this footage. Even with sound, it was still very enjoyable.
    Side note: I need to find friends like yours, such a special bond.

  3. Thank you for the nice travel video. Looks like much fun

  4. When you have music in the vlogs can you add who’s singing cause that song bad man do feel my flow, I keep hearing it but I can’t find who’s singing it , I need that song , please and thank you. I miss traveling, can’t wait to be back in the friendly skies, God Bless.

  5. I want to say y'all looked gorgeous this whole trip ❤

  6. Awwww…I miss home! Yes!!! Naija jollof all day! Thanks for making this vlog. I love how you ladies didn't turn your noses down to a culture different from what you are used to.

  7. when I saw the title I was like wait I thought some thing happened to the sound in this footage??? So happy that you decided to share it anyway!

  8. I was so excited to watch this! I’ve definitely been having Travel Vlogs withdrawals lol. So this gave me my fix. You ladies look bomb as always. Outfits are always on point! I love when you all travel together

  9. ENJOYMENT!!! I really enjoyed this vlogggggg!!!
    This covid-19 shit needs to end ASAP so it doesnt mess up my plans of going back to Nigeria this December KMT

  10. I love this video.. Sorry the audio got messed up.. But it made it more personal for u . but still let the world see..

  11. How did you fix your mouth to say that you prefer Nigerian jollof rice better?!!! I'm just kidding. I've only tasted ghanian jollof but Im trying to taste all of them. I've heard Siera Leon (spelling) jollof is bomb!

  12. You ladies looked so beautiful! Tell Chantae she looked like a super model! Just fabulous!

  13. You need to do Gambia and Senegal and Morocco in the future.

  14. I was wondering why there was no talking! But I enjoyed it anyway. I'm half Ghanaian and have tried the jolloff rice but I'm more into eating the fufu and all the other delicious dishes. I'm not really a rice lover so can't say who's is better lol. Maybe I'll try them both one day and then decide lol. Glad you had a great time in my country and in Nigeria. Thanks for sharing. ❤❤

  15. I had no idea you went to nigeria!!!! YASSSS looked like a fantastic trip. Shame about the sound but all the more reason to go again!! xxx

  16. Loved everything about your trip to Ghana. Nightclubbing, restaurant hopping, to the market, museums. Will you do a live Q&A about your trip to Ghana.

  17. So it was footage that you had cuz I'm about to say everybody's on quarantine does no flights going and coming no International no nothing so I thought how u went to Nigeria during quarantine… guess it's good to have some money but then you said from the beginning its a previous so that make us feel better we like your videos…. was bout to book a trip right now… like how ppl going anyway with the borders closed during this pandemic…. nice video. Stay safe

  18. I never thought we would have gotten this vlog. But so thankful u decided to upload it!

  19. Girl I looovveee the way you ladies just enjoy life together. Definitely a blessing. Glad you were able to something with the footage. Mad annoying when you have plans for your video and it doesn’t work out. Great job on the edit

  20. I’m so glad you decided to upload it. I enjoyed watching!! I wish I could’ve gone to Nigeria last December.

  21. Thanks for sharing❤❤. A virtual getaway for us during quarantine. Your travel trips always look like tons of fun.

  22. I forgot u went there lol niccce and i love when u with them. Its like they’re our friends too lol

  23. ✈️ I luv your travel Vlogs. You capture amazing footage and you Always have a great time even if stuff is not perfect. You and your friends have a Beautiful bond ❤️

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