KAUAN Journey Weblog 2018 – Again to the Roots

We had an awesome present in Finland. Right here is how we made it.

Directed by Eugene Mazurenko
Music by Hammock

Obtain KAUAN Dwell albums: https://kauan.bandcamp.com/music


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  1. Come to China! We really want you to give a show here!

  2. I wish I cloud see you guys before I died. Is my dream but, I'm from Neuquen Argentina, far far away from you and I can't go where you are giving concerts…. (๑◕︵◕๑)

  3. come to Poland! but in the middle of the week! 😀

  4. Small wonder Hammock as background goes so well with Kauan in front.
    Joint gig woul really be magical…

  5. Love it, you guys need to come and play the US!

  6. A concert with you and Hammock would be the ultimate concert experience! But it would make me so so happy to see you guys live. I hope some day this will happen! It has to! Greetings from Germany

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