Journey Weblog: UK Locations – Taunton, Somerset

Here is my go to to Taunton in Somerset, a really fascinating place with three malls, the county museum, a number of historical past and a well-known cricket floor.

Malls vlog:

Museum vlog:

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  1. I am Taunton born and bred,but hate the place!
    It is backward,has nothing to do,is full of obese ugly people,and hate's people who smile.
    The people also hate anyone who stand's out,or is different to their sad lifestyles.
    I moved out of town,to nearer Bristol,to where there is loads to do,as well as people who
    enjoy life,but still come back to Taunton,a few times a month,to see my mum,and go food
    shopping,as well as a coffee,etc in M&S.
    The M&S in Taunton is very good,as well as Augustus,Little Italy,Zizzi,and Castle Hotel rest-
    The two Wetherspoons are fine for a decent drink,too.
    We park in the little Sainsbury's,as it is close to the centre,and allow's 2 hrs parking,which is
    move than enough to get in and out.

  2. hopefully going here in october!! my friend lives there 🙂

  3. likes yous country cinema films thanks you for make to me see it

  4. There is a nice Thai restaurant near the train station. You were headed straight for it over Taunton bridge.

  5. I rather enjoyed this episode of your Travel Blog: UK Towns (hope I'm getting the terminology of the series correct); the weather looked to be quite nostalgic, albeit a bit cloudy and whatnot (I like those sorts of atmospheres myself).

  6. thats a beautiful town Taunton loved the old buildings thanks for sharing your day Andy

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