Journey Weblog: Detroit, Michigan – Scent of the marriage

First journey of the season to Bloomfield Hills.


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  1. what is this mans profession what does he do for a living to be able to buy soooo many fragrances

  2. I recognize two non Trump voters when I see them. Best regards to both of you!

  3. Bloomfield Hills  is one of the wealthiest cities in the United States and a far cry from the arm pit known as Detroit. Trust me, I was born and raised in a neighboring city.

  4. Shalom Dracdoc. Great video, when are you and your lovely girlfriend getting married? Greetings from Israel!

  5. what cologne would you recommend for a black male. something that accommodates more as an African American simply put and thanks

  6. congratz guys and have a great time

  7. Allure homme edition Blanche is my favorite wedding juice

  8. You both look wonderful.
    Going to have to get sample the house of Gallager.
    Have fun.

  9. Where do you find high end men's fragrances? Bloomingdale's?

  10. black current silk is great. looking forward to your video tomorrow.

  11. Stupid sexy dracdoc. Even my mildly racist mother would be proud to have a son in law like you.

  12. Welcome to Michigan! Hope you guys have a great time.

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