Journey Tales – Ep 8 – 10 Nations, 18 Cities & 26 Days: European | Curly Tales

We’ve Traveller Akkii Chawla taking you thru 10 European international locations, 18 Cities in 26 days. From France to Netherlands, Italy to Austria, Akkii takes you thru a number of the should go to and iconic points of interest of every place. Watch to know our full Itinerary.

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  1. can you make playlist of Travel Tale Europe Episodes 1 to latest Episodes?
    can you please videos in hindi language?
    Thank you

  2. Guys Please make a video on budget !!!
    Because it's the most important thing !!

  3. I have visited 12 countries in 23 days. Here is the itinerary with transport budget!

    Istanbul to Amsterdam ( Pegasus Air- 7500 rs)
    Amsterdam to Brussels ( Train – 2 hours- 2500 rs).
    Brussels to Paris ( Train – 1 H 30 mins- 2500 rs).
    Paris to Frankfurt ( Train- 4 H- 3000 rs) Frankfurt to Zürich ( Train- 4 H- 3000 rs). Zürich to Milan ( Train- 4 H- 3000 rs). Milan to Venice (train – 2H- 1500 rs). Venice to Slovenia ( Train-2H- 1500 rs). Slovenia to Zagreb ( Train – 2 H-1800 rs). Zagreb to Budapest ( Train 4h – 3500 rs). Budapest To Vienna ( Train-2 h-1500 rs). Vienna to Prague (Train 4 h- 2000 rs). Hope that was helpful, please check out my YouTube channel and Instagram @travelwithbazz. Please follow and support.

  4. What a wasted video..ur itinerary is all messed up..your accent is so fake..this sucks

  5. Extremely haphazard logistically!I go to Paris then go to Barca and come back to Nice which is France again!it's like a a touch a city and go kinda itinerary wherein it's impossible to absorb the culture of the place !That's what distinguishes a tourist from a traveler!Spend more time in less countries !I can design a better itinerary!Any day!!!!

  6. 26 din ki chutti kaun dega? Boss 26 galiyan dega, chutti nahi

  7. 10 Countries
    18 cities
    26 days
    01 coronavirus

  8. Good content but the video movements very too fast and jittery to watch.

  9. I was here to know the budget.that chuitya didnt mention about the budget

  10. Ye "Pariyon" ke chanal mai "Mustande" kaha se aa gaye bhai !!!!!!

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