Journey Hacking: Costa Rica Expat Issues (Journey Weblog 11, San Jose)

Beginning my journey to Costa Rica and had a ridiculous incident with Costa Rican immigration through JetBlue. I used to be virtually not allowed to go away the nation and it price me an additional $700 USD whereas I fought to get on the airplane.

On this journey hacking video weblog I inform you the way to get round reserving a spherical journey ticket to Costa Rica to get your 90 day visa. Costa Rica has tightened their borders so expats don’t overstay their visa and airplanes is not going to allow you to get on the airplane with out a return ticket. You may as well e-book the Transnica Bus or TicaBus for very low cost to exit the nation.

Try the issues JetBlue gave me virtually inflicting to overlook my flight, however I beat the system.

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  1. I have been traveling internationally now for about 10 years, and I have noticed the disturbing trend of visa policies becoming progressively stricter. There is no country I can think of that allows a young person to stay long term besides Cambodia. Are the governments taking away our freedom to migrate? I happen to not want to live where I was born.

  2. I am not trying to defend Jet Blue, but it's not their policy….It's Costa Rica's policy.  I just checked with the Costa Rican embassy website to make sure.  

    Americans do not need a visa, just room on their passport for a stamp and a valid ticket to exit Costa Rica.  Same with most South American and Asian countries.  

    Have fun in your travels!!!!

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