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On this G+ Hangout, Emma Sparks, Deputy Editor of, talks to Lonely Planet Pathfinders John Schellhase ( and Jodi Ettenberg ( about how journey blogs can encourage and aid you plan your travels. In addition they talk about what makes a superb journey weblog and predict what journey blogs will seem like sooner or later.  

Blogs advisable by Jodi and John:

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  2. Question for Jodi. I have been following your blog for a long time, and really love the fact that you take the time to write long form posts. As someone who is starting out in travel blogging and wanting to tell more stories rather than top 10's,as so many do.  What advice do you have for building a community when you're not trying to do what seems to be the popular traffic building posts.

  3. hey! Hello! How is the best platform to manage one travel blog or a good site, I have wordpress and I know if I continue on it or change to another one to share photos, videos, texts. Maybe livejournal??? How is that

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