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Jason and Virginia head as much as Orlando for Jim “Bigfoot” Romano’s bachelor/bachelorette celebration weekend. Jim is the pal JBird gave his kidney to! Take pleasure in The Vlog! WARNING: Might Comprise Some Swear Phrases)


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  1. What’s the name of this community?

  2. Poor Panda hahahahahaha reminds me of what my husband has to deal with.

  3. V needs to get off pills fr

  4. 7:30 about sums up this … video

    Well well well; you people are definitely having a good time.
    Keep it up i guess?
    You know; do what you do kinda shit

  5. the little smiles koozy around a 4-loko was so Vicious-V

  6. Remember the caller u had who was a pet sitter and there were cameras in the house and she had sex all over the house? I wonder if there were hidden cameras in THIS house….

  7. 1st the KVJ show made me fear White Claw and now I will never try 4 Loko.

  8. Was that the end?? Lol is there a part 2? Love the video, but weird ending lol

  9. Virginia really shouldn’t drink. Looks like fun was had by all. Thank you for sharing JBird.

  10. I love that Engineer Keith’s NNMG belt made it all the way to Orlando! But the question is did it make it back to West Palm??? I guess we’ll have to wait until Friday’s show to find out! Great job, Jbird, and best wishes Big Foot and Brie!

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