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Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many journey plans together with our personal have been placed on maintain. Whereas we aren’t in a position to share new content material from the highway, we hope this assortment from our journey archive helps you discover a little bit of Japan from your personal dwelling.

House Supply by japan-guide.com is a collection of articles and movies on Japanese tradition, life and journey for all of us who’re presently staying dwelling to flatten the curve. You could find all of the articles right here: https://www.japan-guide.com/weblog/home-delivery/

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– Video Credit –
Host: Sam Evans
Videographer: Charles Sabas
Producers: Stefan Schauwecker


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  1. *Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many travel plans including our own have been put on hold. While we aren't able to share new content from the road, we hope this collection from our travel archive helps you explore a bit of Japan from your own home. Home Delivery by japan-guide.com is a series of articles and videos on Japanese culture, life and travel for all of us who are currently staying home to flatten the curve. You can find all the articles here: https://www.japan-guide.com/blog/home-delivery/

  2. I love watching your videos ! They give good details and ideas about the many scenics and historical sites of japan. Can you please do videos on the gems of Shikoku? I don't see much videos on it on youtube. God bless to y'all! Stay Safe ^_^

  3. Last summer we went there and it was fantastic!! To watch the small ones fighting and playing was so hilarious. I can totally recommend the visit! The scenery is also beautiful.

  4. I still enjoy watching this video, even if it's two years old, as it's such a beautiful video, and Japan is wonderful, it's lovely to see Sam too. I can't wait for this terrible situation to end, and I'll go for a two weeks tour of beautiful Japan. Stay safe and well everyone! Love from London. ❤

  5. Hello Japan-guide.com

    Thank you for another lovely video
    Again the question, may i share this video?
    So i have to ask this everytime?

    Greetz Edo van Deest

  6. from this channel sam is my favorite narrator. please bring him back i would love to see more content with sam in future.

  7. Good on you all for keeping home during all of this. Thanks for the archival video! It was really relaxed, and cool to see Sam again.

  8. More talking and explaining and less posing with the big bag of cameras, please!

  9. Congrats! Amazing Place!

  10. Suppose to go visit there on 16/4 and while on my way to the snow wall. But due to the COVID-19, I had to change my schedule…

  11. I remember this spot 0:46 where I rode the bus to Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route in 2019. So nostalgic

  12. What a walk to the monkeys !
    Great work as always !
    Thanks for showing this to us !

  13. for a second i thought the hold narrator and traveler was back

  14. Beautiful video, guys! I've wondered where the snow monkeys went when the weather got warmer. Being located in the mountains and being called "snow monkeys," I honestly didn't know.

    This Japanophile appreciates your work. Thank you all. 🙂

  15. great vid, when i went there the monkey did not take a bath, T.T

  16. I really enjoyed this. The town was dead. Guess it's the shelter in place law

  17. We miss Sam! Was at the park this time last year, it snowed and we had such a wonderful time with these guys & girls, we forgot how cold it actually was…
    Love Japan, because there is just so much to love!

  18. Went here in February of this year, highly recommend making the trip up. Dont underestimate that trail walk, and bring appropriate hiking footwear, especially if it has precipitated recently.

  19. Some of my relatives look and behave exactly like the monkey! Hahahaha!

  20. I have a trip to Japan in September, I really hope it doesn't get cancelled and I can see these cute monkeys <3

  21. If only there was smellivision…..

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