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Welcome to my Japan journey information for first-timers.
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  1. Excellent job!!!!!!!!! Great suggestions, better than any i have seen so far

  2. Wowww im going to do the same route in October what a coincidence!!!!

  3. in regards to hanami-koji, photography is unfortunately strictly prohibited i went today and there were signs everywhere about it, bummer but it was still cool to walk through

  4. Thank you for your video – it was VERY useful for planning my trip. Loved your recommendations, it is hard to find a really good video with real recommendations these days! Most of them are just vague and not specific. Thank you!

  5. 日本が戦犯国家で非正常国家であることを分かってほしい

  6. No diversity, no Starbucks and McDonald's at every corner. Terrible & boring by the looks of it

  7. Please help to report the cheating site airbnb.com and airbnb.cn to all the medias as soon as possible !



  8. Okay can someone please explain to me what just happened at 17:12 ? KAKKOOOIII

  9. Enjoyed your video. It would be nice if the volume of the background music could be a little lower in some parts. Nice music but sometimes hard to hear your narration. Is there anything to eat for vegetarians visiting Japan? (I know about rice and noodles). Thank you.

  10. Japan is my dream trip! Two years from now I’m GOING!!!!

  11. If I am flying to Tokyo then catch train to Kyoto then catch train to Osaka and fly out from Osaka. Will I need a JR pass or just purchase a rail tickets each time. Which one will be cheeper?
    Will the rented pocket Wifi can be hired from Tokyo airport and dropped off at Osaka airport ?

  12. what a great informative video. keep up the great work and thank you for making this as we're also preparing for our japan trip soon.

  13. so like,.. im english. but i dont see my future in england. i wanna live in japan but i dont know japanese, im bad at studying it, my ideal career is psychologist which is hard when i cant speak the language
    the only thing i have going for me is my half japanese boyfriend and enough money to travel without having big budgets

  14. I am planning to go in March .. Planning to be there for 6 months. Just traveling around and taking my time doing it.

  15. Can vegetarians travel to Japan without starving to death?

  16. 素敵な番組ですね!

  17. do the places you suggest turn you away if you dont speak english?

  18. To all the nervous. Going and staying in Japan is easier than you might think.
    1. Learn some phrases, basic japanese, it is not that hard.
    2. Book the flight and accomodation.
    3. Buy in advance your Suica card. Using underground is super easy, signs everywhere. On my first visit to Tokyo I have not get lost or went in the wrong direction even once.
    4. Buy a japanese data sim card at the Narita or Haneda airport, those friendly Japanese people will help you to install it.
    5. Wherever you go rely on Google Maps, it's a life saver, trust me.
    6. You're all set. Enjoy!

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