Jakarta Indonesia – Meals Journey Weblog 2017 – Day #3 / greatest meal ever!

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  1. Those crack are called krupuk and tge deliciouse one is shirmp krupuk, cow skin krupuk, palembang krupuk ( fish krupuk ) there are many kind of krupuk

  2. You can go online motor bike, called go jeg, you should dowload tge aplication first, tgey are cheaper and safer

  3. your locals friend always take you to restaurant, why he didn't take you to street food.
    I think street food more 'local' than restaurant, and more delicious i think.

  4. Menu favorit banget kynya mi dan nasi goreng.. 😀

  5. do people see u guys in wierd way ? coz they think its bromance

  6. Aigoo…you should order gule kepala ikan at tesate its quite delicious although the best one is at medan baru resto

  7. u forget about sate PADANG

  8. Jakarta on Friday evening will be so traffic and it will more if it’s raining

  9. I really don't get what getting something light to eat means to you…. Lol…

  10. Actually, you can ask for add more krupuk for free in every resto/warung in Indonesia, bro.

  11. You should try to beautika manadonese food

  12. And actually street style “sate ayam” is better than a restaurant. U should do a street food tour. 🙂

  13. That called “kerupuk”. And actually you can always ask more for that “kerupuk” cause thats for free.

  14. its call 'kerupuk'. there's many kinds of kerupuk. kerupuk ikan, kerupuk udang, kerupuk bawang, etc. the one u ate maybe kerupuk ikan.

  15. okedahary2012.. am here.. watching your video 🙂

  16. Ask your friend to take you to street vendors, better food than restaurants

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