Jakarta Indonesia – Meals Journey Weblog 2017 – Day #2 / Rendang – Garuda

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  1. F.Y.I

    That Beef Rendang you eat is the most delicious dish in the world based on CNN Voted. Second dish most delicious Is Sate (Scewer Meat).

    For Healthy if you dont mind, try food that called “Gado-Gado” (Indonesian Popular Salad). It’s good for your healthy.

    I love your channel dude !

  2. indonesia loves you taesung, we love ur video

  3. I like brain so much. Thats really soft. Just like u say like tofu.

  4. Can't believe it, you could eat that whole beef rendang in one bite lol

  5. i guess u need to choose indonesian street food than restaurant's, the teste is more real delicious tested than restaurant's

  6. Usually we dont use hand when we take the food from the main plate, maybe your friend pranked you hehe

  7. You should eat rendang with rice, cause it salty

  8. Haha that ride on a motorbike is fun you say? Just wait until you see a traffic jam. It's my everyday struggle, especially when riding on a car. The traffic here is killing me :)) I should say good job on choosing Garuda, the food there is uber delicious. Absolutely my favorite. Gil took you to the right place.

  9. oppa you need to trip one year to go all arround Indonesia and enjoy delecius food 😀 😀 😀

  10. im indonesian.. i just want to explain, about how to eat with your hand.
    1. The left hand, specifically doing dirty things like cleaning up the dirt (urine, feces, etc. So .. You can not eat by left hand.
    2. the right hand it's for make anything good …like eat . but You should always clean your hands before eating.
    3.the food will quickly rot while using the hands compared to the spoon. it will facilitate your digestion.
    4. little criticism. should the food on the main plate taken with a spoon. and that on your plate, can use hands

  11. finally you come to Indonesia bro

  12. that stink beans only smells after u eat it ahahah

  13. what you ate at 2:16 is chicken noodle with fried dumpling or we call it mie ayam pangsit goreng.

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