Itchy Boots LIVE – What's Subsequent?

It has been one week because the loopy repatriation from Peru. Let’s chat about what’s subsequent! 

-I’m using solo around the globe on my Royal Enfield Himalayan ‘Dhanno’!

Instruments, gear & gear I exploit:

Modifications & equipment on my Royal Enfield Himalayan:

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  1. Girl, ——— you need a bike to be YOU.
    By The Way, most common cause of mortality around the world is, death.
    YES ———— nobody wants to accept, b u t, Humans are bound to be mortal.

  2. Hello from America.. I have been a silent viewer for quite a while now. I have some ideas to suggest to you based on comments here from you or other viewers.

    1. Regularity and Repetition – MacDonalds is so popular world wide not because the food is good but because people know what they are going to get. Lesson – pls continue your catch phrases and activities like "good morning internet" and showing the time and breakfast. This grounds the audience and sets expectations… its like greeting an old friend.

    2. Breakfast/Food in general… these differ so much from country to country and are important to local culture and therefore are important to see your journey through a changing "foodscape" as an addition to the landscape.

    3. Holland – as an Aussie who lived in Holland for a year or so and dated a nederlandse vrouw and remains friends with her and her friends all these years later (indeed they are all from Nieuwegein which I know from your videos is local to you – oh and she is a diplomat and I suggested the Dept of Foreign Affairs make you a roving Ambassador, as someone who spent her whole career to get to that level she got a little annoyed but then she has not followed you… 🙂 Im working on her dont worry!), Holland seems similar to the rest of the West but it really is unique in so many ways…. all of that is to say please show Holland to your viewers… breakfast and BBQs are very different to Aus/US (my first BBQ in Holland was a riot… apparently my face dropped when I saw how little meat was served and this became a rolling joke for years, coming from AUS which was then big on meat!)… show food and beer vending machines which are hilarious! Plus the Dutch are sane, easily the most sane country I've ever lived in and I've lived all over the world. They say they are boring and that's the key! In today's world boredom = sanity.

    4. Other things foreigners might like to see – (random) – seeing a big boat go past on a canal above cars… visually that's very Dutch… bicycle paths as a way of life and real transport and not a tourist gimmick – from the massed bike shed at Utrecht Centraal, I loved the ride from Utrecht to Nieuwegein as almost as fast as the tram… people shopping on bikes… … Art galleries are unique and very important… People may not realize how central The Netherlands are to global culture… you cant show it all but a few references would help.. Infrastructure… Schiphol for example… with the rail station inside where you can go anywhere in the country and the trains come quickly and are super comfortable/efficient etc.. the medical system… amazing…

    5. Neighbors… I remember sitting in the kitchen in Nieuwegein and seeing a neighbor coming in to the bike shed right in front of the widow and walking off with a case of beer in the morning! I could not believe it… but was told neighbors were like family and they clearly had a need and were welcome to come and take whenever they need… in America someone would get shot for that! 🙂
    6. When you eat pls feel comfortable saying "eet smakelijk" instead of bon appetite… this is a good opportunity to share a little bit of Dutch with your viewers… you dont have to do everything in English! Slipping in a bit of Dutch here and there would be endearing I think. At least to me, a Oranjeophile. 🙂 I guess one of the reasons I love watching you is listening to your accent which reminds me of all the wonderful years I was so lucky to have in The Netherlands.
    7. Which reminds me… Koninginnedag! You have to show this if/when you can.. its so unique.. I have never been kissed by so many pretty women right in front of my gf with no issues what-so-ever! :))

    8. For US guests see – you can load up all kinds of merch for American customers… from coffee cups to T shorts and much much more… maybe similar companies exist in other companies..? Its so easy to use.

    I could go on and on because Im nostalgic for Holland. I know a lot of people tell you what to do… pls dont take these (sorry, long) comments as orders… just suggestions as an outsider who saw unique things in his beloved Holland. Met veel liefde van een grote fan in Amerika. Oldtowndude

  3. Thank you ma'am. You are a treasure.

  4. J'ai raté ce live
    Hi from Algeria

  5. Why are people donating so much money to Noraly? She's millionaire already with all the views and subscribers, she's going to receive paychecks from youtube for the rest of her live. Noraly is great but there are so many people in struggle and who really need help everywhere

  6. I bumpped into your videos and saw in one shot…7/8, I think :). If you haven't until now, you must visit Portugal – you will like it, I'm sure…
    Continue your amazing trips and stay safe, Noraly… 🙂

  7. U have gained a lot of weight since u started from india

  8. Thank you for letting us travel the world without leaving home. I ride our local gravel roads in north central Montana, U.S.A. I have a old but good 1990 Suzuki DR250 I resurrected.

  9. Everyone has a story. If you're leaning towards documentary type videos show people in the context of their life and where they are with you at the moment. Few vloggers are very good at this. I think you have the personality to be successful at this . Just practice, show us small clips to start with and you will be rewarded. You seem to be very resilient.

  10. if you have a mind to make more documentaries about local lives, traditions or festivals etc. then maybe you could ask for opinions on your social media channels

  11. Really Sorry I missed the live chat. I did watch the entire Q&A though. Love your show!

  12. Hello I am suggesting that you shoot your video in (1920×1080) instead of 4K(4096×2160), your video file sizes will be one quarters of your present size and instead of fifteen minutes of video, you can be makeing thirty minute videos which I am sure every one here will like much more. The picture degradation will be unnoticeable, especially now that you are using much more expensive cameras. Thank you for your wonderful video.

  13. You realise that you a celebrity now……do you….!? Rigo from Belgium.

  14. Royal Enfield did it….smart move…..You have a bike in your country…..

  15. You d'ont need advice from other riders. You ARE advice FOR other riders…….keep on going girl……

  16. Noraly. Maybe you could pick up Bashanti temporarily. It would be great publicity for Royal Enfield and for the dealer in your country……It would be nice to see you with your first love Bashanti…….

  17. Greetings from Belgium. You are the Valentino Rossi of the adventure riders. You are well and that is the most important…….

  18. Je kan wel een boek schrijven gr george uit amersfoort.

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