Is Time Journey, Particularly Into the Previous Attainable? | Matt Szydagis | TEDxSchenectady

Matt describes the potential of time journey by our information of physics, what the restrictions are (at the least at present) and what expertise may enable us to truly make time journey a actuality. Physics professor This speak was given at a TEDx occasion utilizing the TED convention format however independently organized by a area people. Be taught extra at


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  1. Time Travel is possible we just need to build a time Machine which I will

  2. What tells me that time travel into the past is not possible?
    There was never a person that said he or she has time traveled from the future that was ever proven right.
    They could be from 1000+ years in the future. Surely time travel would be it was invented by then.
    Maybe not.
    All these so called "time travelers" would have to do is predict what would happen let's say, a year in our future.
    Some have tried, but they all turned out to be wrong.

  3. We think time travel would somehow benefit us. Always looking for the something that will make life easier. Life will always be difficult.

  4. if light goes infinetly long then we make a vehicle possible of going the speed of light and someone walks toward place it came from would they see the past and if it could go thousands of times faster and we stopped and looked back assuming there is no light besides that from which we came and we could see that far then could we witness the past?
    it would take more energy than is in this galaxy probably and we'd need to find something that could withstand such speed possibly anti matter since it has anti inertia and stopping would be hard

  5. As a teenager I came up with the idea of spiraling light as a medium for time travel. I am glad to see it was valid enough to be taken seriously, now let me update you on my current progress.

  6. if this could be possible maybe you could travel from one planet to another but not ,,,past of future because past and future are not place you could go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Time travel is easy I already know how to do it I just need around 1 GW of power and some simple electrical equipment to blast open a portal to any timeline (past or future or to any time-period)…I'm the real deal I can experimentally prove it unlike other frauds who shy away from experimental proof…but governments may have an issue…humans can't be this unintelligent they must have figured it out in the 1930s or earlier…Maxwell's theory of waves makes more sense he didn't believe in electrons…matter is a longitudinal wave like sound

  8. wait, he said that the reason why there are no time travelers today is because "you cant go back before you made the machine"; and later he said "..within a 100 years we'll have the technology to send a subatomic particle a tiny fraction of a second into the past.." so, how could we do that if we hadnt have 'punched that hole' to begin with in the past? we would first have to send something into the future, in order to send something to the past ..considering that machine is capable of doing both..

  9. yes it is possible and its related to the difference in the time zones on earth if u email me i will explain

  10. Wait, does that mean avengers end game was unrealistic?

  11. If time travel exists then there is at least one time traveler in our time if they can go back

  12. It was Einstein that referred to "spooky action at a distance" not Newton.

  13. In a limited sense, if you think about it, we have the ability to time travel, through the internet, words, art, archaeology, and other means. But one reason why we might not be able to see people from the future is if they can't interact; they can only watch as events unfold, and move around. That would be cool, standing in one spot on Earth and fast-forwarding thousands of years. Maybe they're using Google Time Travel. On the other hand, I don't like being watched so… yeah, no.

  14. If time travel is possible I’m heading straight back to 2012

  15. There is a future and past. The present is real time. 1 second ago becomes past -<->1 second forward is future so what's in between? that's the actual point where all the atomic and subatomic particles here on earth including us shifts from the past into the future. A person's memory is what defines his/her existence within the timeline. But I believe there is one single memory in which the state of every particle living or non-living is stored 1 second ago and beyond making travelling to the past hard but possible. Now, what if you travel back into a time in which you were still not born? remember matter cannot be created nor destroyed. All the particles that is supposed to composed you will be added to the past and deducted from the future.

  16. Time travel is one of the next big things along with "Cure for aging", "Biological Programming", "Reincarnation(through science)".

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