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Hiya guys! I am an American lady named Nwando. Welcome to my Sarajevo vlog / diary. I hope this Sarajevo vlog may also help information your journey!

Should you’re searching for the most effective issues to do in Sarajevo metropolis heart, I believe this video reveals a few of it!

And the very last thing I wish to say is… as a result of everybody asks me: there isn’t a drawback being black in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I’ve skilled ZERO racism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Balkans is essentially the most pleasant place I’ve ever traveled to and a traveler being black in Bosnia and Herzegovina isn’t a difficulty AT ALL.

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  1. Your friends or whoever told you that story about out country is absolute shit. Like tf ???????? All lies and bullshit.

  2. Does anyone know if there is a club or cafe in Sarajevo with live traditional music (Sevdalinka)?

  3. i was in charge of the sub office in Mostar,BiH,during the last war from 1992-1995 for UNHCR…

  4. I stayed also in that hotel, very nice, staff very friendly. Loved Sarajevo.

  5. Great video, thankyou. Your love and compassion for the Balkans region is really evident

  6. thank you for making this and expressing your feelings of both brightness and darkness. i check your sarajevo video today as i'm reading its stories these days and considering to visit in my next vacation. oh, my last one was in serbia, a place where i would love to revisit. special thanks to your uzice video. this city and the locals who i encountered there created the most beautiful experience in my memory.

  7. Anyone who is born in Bosnia is Bosnian, the country makes someones nationality. Even though some individuals might not classify them self as Bosnian but end of the day they still have a Bosnian passport. I don't want to get into politics or history, esp the medieval times of Bosnia. not a bad video, wish you showed more of the city and more places.

  8. She doesn't know a shit,when She spoke about Mostar,ohhh my god,wtf???It's the same country!!!!. Only talking about the war,buuuu!!!Boring!! People want to move on;explain all the cool stuff,about the nature,their history(please not the conflict,ok?)….hundreds of topics and she only decides to talk during more than half of the video about the that awfull war.. So fed up of people thinking Bosnia means war;noooo,Bosnia means life and rebirth!!!!

  9. you presented this video with such feeling,emotion ,and a clear understanding of the sensitivities of the area,region and country.I was in Belgrade at the time of the refugee crises in 2015-16,so have some understanding of the complexities of this part of Europe.I wish you well in your adventures

  10. Hello from Charlotte NC, I used to live in Albania, Bosnia and Croatia.. been in the states for almost 23 yrs.. how come you moved to Serbia? The reason I ask is that most Americans don’t even know where these countries are on the map unfortunately..

  11. Waitress kissed your cheek is that a Bosnian thing because an American waitress would not kiss someone eating at a table if they didn’t know them

  12. Nice clips man! Really like your videos, because I do same kind of stuff! ⚡️⚡️

  13. lol Mostar is not in Bosnia …I wonder where it is then xD … and All the people in Bosnia are Bosnians … that's the geographical name

  14. Bosnia and Herzegowina are the same thing, same state, just two diferent regions of the same country. Bad politics is the reason why we have two names for one state. If that would be ok, then you can call my country Bosnia and Herzegowina and Posavina, Krajina, Semberija… Then you would call Croatia: Croatia and Dalmatia, Istra, Zagorje… Those are just diferent regions but only for Bosnia is the rule to call it diferent because off the nationalist…

  15. if you was in Mostar you was definitely in Bosnia!!! stop listening to stupid people! Bosnia is short for Bosnia and Herzegovina!

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