Intercepting Hurricane Sanba Journey Weblog – Okinawa Japan 16th September 2012

Intercepting Hurricane Sanba Journey Weblog – Okinawa Japan 16th September 2012. A unexpectedly thrown collectively account of my frantic journey into the attention of storm Sanba – it was a wild journey. Many many due to Simone Lussardi for offering important updates on the storm after I was on the transfer, with out his assist none of this is able to have been doable!

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  1. Awesome video! Genuinely liking your stuff 🙂 check out my vid if you have some time, I think we both share similar interests

  2. Cool -Keep it up! Take a look at my channel! Make sure you sub back! 🙂 Thanks!

  3. omg lol I don't know why but I presumed you were american, there's not many British storm chasers however I will be another one when I get the funds together I'm planning my first storm chasing holiday for next spring in the US I'm so excited!

  4. thought we was nuts for going out on the flight line screwing around in typoons you my friend are nucking futs

  5. A bit bonkers [witness the original car park!], but a great tale, with top footage – and all the better watched with sound turned up [esp at night].

  6. That was "the" intercept !!! Amazing job !

  7. Wow, you were right in the eye! That is just amazing.

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