INSIDE VENEZUELA – JUNE 2019 (Surreal expertise)

So I made a decision to make a journey to Venezuela…
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  1. i was born same date you uploaded your video Sir and i lived in Valenzuela and your name is one of the colours of rainbow a Beautifull name … how's Venezuela today Sir … fe ezperanza amor … nada mas y nada menos gracias

  2. This place is literally hell on Earth. You have to bust your ass off a whole month to afford 2 hot dogs…wwwooowwww

  3. When you covet another s wealth you become a socialist.

  4. People talk about emotional intelligence. If this is what emotional intelligence leads to, is that a good thing? Ya Allah give us guidance.

  5. Get rid of the stupid music and keep the raw sounds

  6. Very sad situation, the people and the culture are beautiful. The country is gorgeous. I hope things get better economically soon!

  7. Listen Up! Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren! How did you meet Lenny?

  8. Steal the camera? Who would they sell it to? Is there internet? I can work there and make dollars!

  9. One months earnings to buy a single hot dog wow that breakdown puts things in perspective… so sad

  10. Something doesn't seem right, the people they are interviewing seem pretty well off. Zero sense of despair and poverty.

  11. Look. Today USA government and banking system is broken. Tic tac, tac are so close for exploding. Coming soon. I am so happy for that huge event.

  12. Today, Putin is managing international oil prices to bankrupt USA oil and gas fracking. Good job Mr. President Putin.

  13. Maduro regime even on the USA regime middling already has built and handout 3'000,000 houses to their poorest people as HR dictates. There is another country with that dictator? Jajaja

  14. For everyone that doesn't now arithmetic.
    Venezuela has up today 303,000'000,000 of CONVENTIONAL proven oil reserves out of 3rd proven gas reserves, diamonds, gold, coltan, bauxita, aluminum, titanium, tungsten, thorium and the most important drinking water, all that's reserves among 5 biggest worldwide reserves.
    303,000' 000,000 of oil barrels by US $60 a barrel are US $18.18 billions in other words US $18"180,000'000,000 but Venezuela debt is US $180,000'000,000. So still having US $18billons. (US$18"000,000'000,000)
    Don't take account of the rest of their natural resources as I did describe above.
    Left them, no matter if left or right wing are in power, but don't meddling on its rischnest.

  15. I don't think why this country is poor, but looking at cars, buildings are all good. Is it because the dollar is expensive there?

  16. Now don't get me wrong I'm against socialist government policies since they only enrich the state but people here keep saying only socialism is the problem yet are forgetting that the video keeps referring to richer people who are not as badly affected by the crisis like the majority are. It honestly appears that Venezuela still has all the resources to provide for everybody but that those resources are simply owned mostly by the rich and the government and sold at insanely inflated prices. Venezuela is still a capitalist country if it has a rich class of private individuals so capitalism is still partly to blame along with Venezuelan socialism. It doesn't surprise me one bit that many people there would rob the rich in order to survive when a burger is a quarter of a month's wages.

  17. How many Venezuelans did you talk to.? This is a joke!
    How nice your CIA funded room was.
    The US empire is responsible for most of the misery and suffering in the world today.

  18. In summary: Poor ppl vote for socialism, rich ppl pay for it. When the money runs out the government protects itself and turns on the ppl. The end.

  19. People picking up food from the trash and eating it is a normal sight in London too.

  20. Damn, you got balls my friend. I work out and fire arm train with 2 Marines, and one Special Forces with extensive combat experience in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Mexico. another friend who did contract work for the CIA during the early Iraq war. We would tour Venezuela only if we were permitted to carry weapons and and armored vehicle, no way other wise. We knownow how to defend ourselves but being white Americans, we would stick like a sore thumb. If say someone tried to rob us and get hold of their gun, one precise hit between the jaw and throat, will kill someone. There is no formal embassy so we would without a doubt go to prison. Fuck that. My contractor friend said, you were very lucky so far nothing has happen to you. New Zealand is the West. They would kidnap you just because and most likely kill you. You seem like a solid cool guy. It would suck if anything happened to you. Your videos are 1000X better than watching our soldiers, NZ included, being shot, dismembered or blown up, some in that order….so fucking sad…there are few good people out there, but some do deserve to go straight into the bowels of Hell.

  21. I rather have capitalism least it gives you worthless salary and stable livelihood only problem is that people in power can misuse its capacity but it's better than having it taken away by government of your property and rights to ownership

  22. One of the Biggest oil Producers in South America, and they can't refine enough to keep the country running. Hugo Chavez family stole billions, and now that piece of shit Maduro is doing the same. REVOLUTION! Ohh, that's right, we can't own Firearms in Venezuela

  23. I commend your safe.. sometimes you think you got it bad until you hear someone else's story! Thanks for posting ❤️

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