INSIDE PAKISTAN 🇵🇰 (Strolling Streets & Assembly Native Folks)

Travelling to a mountainous area of Pakistan and assembly locals.
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  1. Great roads. Of course it’s China. “infrastructure development plan inked with Pakistan in 2013, China has pledged $60 billion to build what’s known as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)—a network of roads, pipelines, power plants, industrial parks, and a port along the Arabian sea. Intended to increase regional connectivity and trade between the two countries, CPEC is part of Beijing’s trillion-dollar Belt & Road Initiative (BRI)”.

  2. Hmm … I heard that Pakistan is "INVITING", influencers in their country to do a image makeover. Care to put a disclaimer if it's this promotion is paid or not?

  3. I love my Pakistan and army and our people and our friends country

  4. Pakistan seems ti be a misunderstood country. The media only links it to terrorism (and let's be honest, its governments protected Bin Laden and supports terrorism to a certain degree). However, that should not represent Pakistan or its beautiful people. My best wishes to Pakistan!

  5. Instead of perfering terrible country Pakistan I appealed every one to visit Bangladesh, Nepal and afganistan ..

  6. The best part of this isn't that Pakistan's tourism is increasing but the butt hurt Indians coming here disliking and commenting bad things about Pakistan is always something which I always find funny.

  7. Miss pakiatan soo much you need to visit azad kashmir pal you would love it

  8. Pakistan is awesome and also where are all the women? so maybe Pakistan isn't awesome for women….but lets not let murderous oppression of women get in the way of telling everyone that everywhere on earth is awesome.

  9. Still trying to find Saqlain
    He was supposed to say hi in the comments

  10. have been in pakistan its a shithole, same to india

  11. The guide looks like an indian version of Alex, the french cooking guy!

  12. It is not tourism increasing ….it is "Terrorism" which is increasing.

  13. Abottabad, the former home of Mister OBL…

  14. dear this road is funded by china known as cpec (china pakistan economic corridor) pakistan is begger and cannot afford.

  15. You should have visited osama bin laden house at abbotabadh

  16. is it just me or is there no women there ?

  17. You missed many things in Karachi, Islamabad & entire city of Lahore.

  18. Take route from Shimla mountain to the road around tarbella dam..u will realy enjoy

  19. I challenge you as a westerner to exit the the large cities and tell me its safe to travel without security by your side. Maybe then you'll understand that the taliban and its supporters are imaginary lmaoo.

  20. Pakistan government gave money to multiple Vloggers to improve the Pakistan's image. How much u received?

  21. Thank you for letting the world know about real beauty of Pakistan.
    Love & Respect.

  22. How do you know which bus you need to take?

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