INSIDE AFGHANISTAN 2019 (Excessive Journey Afghanistan)

So I made a decision to make a journey to Afghanistan and that is what occurred…
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This video is a part of a United Nations and UNICEF fundraising venture. UN supported marketing campaign.


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  1. Beautiful, the Afghan people; so dignified, respectful. Nice to see many Hazaras as well.

  2. Who made the peaceful country of Afghanistan becomes chaos?

  3. One afghani family my father refuge them in our farm property.He was living in our land (parachinar attatched to Afghan nangrar khost and sharia border).A nangrari person who was our peasant told me that I have room a lot of area in afghan and Pak.But I never saw a best people like Toorie(kurmiwal shia comunity) in whole my life.they are different type sincere.

  4. Try to meet special people and go to highlight some landmarks/places.and try to highlight top places and main issues/important and positive things in a short explanation.

  5. Hey the first thank u to visit my cuontry , my name nadir im from afghanestan but i living in italy, if you want we can going in herat city , thats city most beattiful , right my family there living in herat

  6. Nick, I just want to say how much I thank you man. You're doing real work here. I appreciate everything you're doing. I'm not sure if you consider yourself a journalist but you are providing us with quality journalism and how it's supposed to be. Non biased work and just examining a different culture from your own. I look forward to your videos and wish you the best of luck. Thanks man.

  7. to the people out there, wishing u nothing but the very best for your individual life, genuine happiness, sucess, and of course freedom for ur country!!

  8. When you are Afghan and can understand without translation hehe

  9. I hope I can visit my hometown one day. I was born in Kabul, left when I was 1.5 years old and haven’t been back since. Thanks for the video watched it with my parents. ☺️

  10. I'm a Pakistani and I love my Afghan brothers, Pakistan is your second home. I had tears in my eyes while watching those children in hospital.

  11. guy travels with un by his side no big deal and shows nothing in the video and hits 1.4 m views you should watch polish couple that traveled to Afghanistan by them selves and hitchhiking

  12. Love you bro you are great man if the world end you will live

  13. Its kind of sad people call this ”extreme traveling”. I mean, people live in these ”extreme” countries every day…..

  14. I loved how the butcher would say "yeah, of course!" Its great to see the optimism

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