Insane Jamaican Jerk BBQ!! HUGE MEAT PIT + Jerk Champion in Montego Bay, Jamaica! 🇯🇲

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If there’s one meals you consider if you consider Jamaica, it’s most likely Jamaican jerk – and that’s for a fairly good cause – it’s one of many best dishes of Jamaica and one thing they need to be pleased with. If you’re in Jamaica, you should style the true deal – and we had an opportunity to go to top-of-the-line locations to eat Jerk pork, and on the identical day, Andrew – a Jamaican jerk competitors champion, cooked us a whole jerk pig! #JamaicanFood #Jerk #Caribbean

Big thanks to Pineapple Seaside ( for internet hosting us, to Andrew for cooking an incredible jerk pig, and Matt ( for arranging all the pieces!

Tastee Patty – Jamaican Patties – However earlier than getting began with Jamaican jerk, we first had some Jamaican patties, my first style. They had been extremely tasty, higher than I had imagined. I can see how they’re so addictive and fashionable.

Contemporary market in Montego Bay – Subsequent we headed to the contemporary market in Montego Bay to purchase a number of the fundamental substances to make a whole jerk pig. One of many spices you may’t make jerk with out is allspice, recognized in Jamaica as pimento.

Pineapple Seaside – Montego Bay, Jamaica – Right here’s the place Andrew cooked up his wonderful jerk pig. Began with numerous allspice, do a dry rub, after which shifting on to the moist marinade that included scotch bonnet, thyme, pimento and a number of different substances and spices. The jerk pig turned out excellent, a lot taste, and stuffed with spice. It was an actual deal with. Thanks Andrew!

The Pork Pit – Montego Bay, Jamaica – The most effective locations to eat Jamaican jerk bbq in all of Jamaica is The Pork Pit, situated in Montego Bay. The spices they usually approach they smoke the meat is simply subsequent stage. Whereas the entire jerk pig was cooking, we slipped over to the Port Pit for an enormous Jamaican meals jerk bbq feast of jerk pork and jerk rooster with their beautiful scotch bonnet sauce.

It was one other unimaginable day of scrumptious Jamaican meals in Jamaica. Watch all the Jamaican meals collection right here:

Mates within the video:
Andrew – Jamaican Jerk Champion
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  1. mark looked like he was about to get up and dance when they was eating the jerk lol, thanks mark, man i gotta visit jamaica someday. SHOUT OUT FROM COMPTON CALIFORNIA U.S.A.

  2. Watching this is making me angry. But I can't stop watching.

  3. Awesome videos inspired me to start something new and start my own channel

  4. I'm smiling ear-to-ear,, i do red snapper the same way,, oh so much respect you handle that's Scotch bonnet sauce like it was ketchup LOL

  5. So nobody's gonna talk about them eating patties without coco bread :/

  6. I swear I don't even eat pork and my mouth watering….. Smh

  7. Incredible to see the mix of african, indian, indigenous american, and european spices & cooking styles all combined together in this amazing cuisine. As soon as this coronavirus is over, I'm going straight to Jamaica!

  8. I have never seen this dude eat anything and say that it tasted like crap this dude is always happy no matter what he eats

  9. Really insane Mark
    We are stuck in lockdown and you are tempting us with all the stuff…

  10. Another interesting, entertaining and informative video. Jamican Jerk chicken and pork – great. Simple as that. Love to Jamaica from a Trini Boy.

  11. Stop promoting shitty meat foods at this time, ffs

  12. Mark Im from Montego Bay and live in Texas, Im watching this video with a huge bib on right now lol. drooling and craving.

  13. I suppose food and money is much more important for Mark than His Family, No Social Distancing and Quarantine..You're A disappointed to All and truly a BadExample.

  14. Mark, you gain momentum when you release videos close together. People enjoy watching a video each day and following your journeys. The theory that spacing your videos apart to get views doesn't seem to be true.

  15. Gods country!! Was supposed to get married in runaway bay next week but due to the virus it’s been put off till next yr!! Love your videos!! Awesome that you show Jamaican authenticity

  16. Is there no social distancing there at this time?

  17. Becareful some off those fkin patties have partially hydrogenated oil not good for heart arteries..

  18. i love your whole family.. may God bless you. thanks for everything you do mark

  19. I think he’s drunk most of the time he eats like this.

  20. I visited Jamaica back in 2016 for 1 week. I was reading places to eat and all I saw was scotchies Jerk. Honestly I enjoyed the jerk at the resort more than scotchies. So can a Jamaican tell me where is truly the place to get jerk on the island?

  21. All you need is some good weed and jamaican jerk

  22. Should have had them.with coco bread

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