Individuals React to VERY British Adverts (Prime 5 UK Commercials) 📺

We have by no means seen any British TV adverts or commercials earlier than, so right now we’re breaking the seal and reacting to five commercials that scream Britishness! 🎉📺🇬🇧 Out of 1000’s of UK adverts, we selected these 5 with the assistance of our trusty Youtube subscribers and Patrons. An enormous thanks to everybody who advisable adverts for us to incorporate! And my, there are such a lot of left for us to see!

If you would like us to react to extra British commercials, tell us! And drop your finest UK adverts down within the feedback! 👇👇


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  2. – The Hovis advert wasn't really about patriotism. It was showing iconic events in British history and basically saying although the life changes some things are constant.
    – There is absolutely no connection between Cadbury and gorillas or Phil Collins. However there IS a strong connection between advertising agencies and psychedelic drugs!
    – The LLoyds Bank Black Horse is one of THE most iconic brand symbols of any company, up there with the Andrex Puppy. To anyone in Britain there's an instant association between the Black horse and LLoyds.

    Shame it's such an incredibly dodgy bank involved in a shed load of scandals. It also had to be bailed out by the tax payer. Nobody in their right mind would touch it with a barge pole. That said most of the major banks like Barclays, RBS, TSB, HSBC, etc are just as corrupt. Building Societies like Nationwide, etc are much better as they don't have shareholders and all profits are re-invested into the business. Unlike banks their focus is on service, not shafting customers.

  3. We have Cadbury in the U.S. Haven’t you ever seen the Cadbury bunny?

  4. The street party was the Queen's coronation, 1953.

  5. New Zealand was the first country to give women the vote. 1893. Britain in 1918, but it was conditional (women over 30, men over 21) until 1928. USA, 1920.

  6. That shade of Purple is Cadburys. As the Golden Arches is Maccas. And it is a bloke in the gorilla suit miming to Phil Collins

  7. Way to much hand waving, You are reading far too much into these adverts, It just means that that the idiots are in charge of TV advertising in the uk

  8. As others have said. Us Brits don't tend to go for ads that just say buy our stuff. However if you can make us laugh or cry we'll remember it and are likely to buy the stuff. And that Irn bru ad was not controversial. The England/Scottish rivalry is more banter based than any real hate now.

  9. You can’t say you’ve done this video without watching the John Lewis Christmas ads! Btw, Irn bru is pronounced the same as iron brew.

  10. The England/Scotland rivalry is not "divisive". You need to understand that the English love the Scots, but the Scots hate the English. And it is this love/hate relationship which keeps us together. The English also love the Irish, but the Irish hate the English or "Brits" as they call us. The English are not so keen on the Welsh, but the Welsh insist on hating the English – it's traditional. So in short, the English are universally hated whilst being rather fond of their fellow UK citizens.
     The Scots hate everybody who is not Scottish, except (strangely) the French. The English hate the French, and that is mutual. I hope that simplifies things for you.

  11. As you're trapped somewhere in France, do you not ever make vids about anything to do with France?

  12. Cadbury's: This is a very old english company, you may find it interesting to know that some animosity toward america will come from the fact that it is owned by an american company who has tried to make it more profitable rather than good. Try talking about Creme Eggs to a Creme Egg Lover.

    Irn- Bru. The Idea the the Irn-Bru (PRonounced Iron like the metal) could be controvertial isn't likely in the UK. It is well known that the Scottish, Welsh and Irish as a whole dislike the english for our control over them throughout history, and we are fully aware of it. There are two scenarios, the more common is that both groups will joke about how the english are terrible, where animosity occures is usually surrounding a sports event. I think the tone of the Irn- Bru ad is that he needs injections of his scottish drink to be able to put up with the english lad.

    Hovis: It's quite common that companies will instill a sense of their heritage in some of their adverts. As you may notice the 250 years at the end of the Lloyds ad. They may well be american companies this old but this predates the signing of the decleration of independance. We have a lot of very old brands that the british will be loyal too, hovis may not be one in particular but Cadbury's will be.

    Marmite: A Lot of british adverts will try to involve humour some do it successfully such as this, other's go to far. For example 'Go Compare'

    Lloyds: Lloyds is quite well known for trying to do emotional adverts and as others have said, I knew instantly as soon as I saw the black Foal that it was the bank's advert. Part of the media behind it may go back to Black Beauty as this is a film/ story that will get brits emotional.

    Good Vid guys. It would be interesting to know if there are american brands that you guys feel pride for. We have the view that american companies are evil.

  13. Loved the ending very funny. As for the irnbru advert you should check out their others they are really good too, but you missed that a Scottish girl was dating an English boy and the dog farted on the Scottish carpet so the irnbru calmed the dad down and made him more accepting. If you want a freaky add look up metz beware of the judderman.

  14. Any Irn Bru advertisement from the last few years is worth seeing, they are always funny (a special mention to the one with the newborn baby). At Christmas they bring out their version of the classic animation -The Snowman. Revels used to do a funny advertisment (a bag of chocolates with mixed centres)

  15. You keep talking about British culture. But its not, Its ENGLISH, Irish, Welsh, Scottish. British doesn't exist

  16. The Cadbury ad has its own Wikipedia page – Gorilla_(advertisement)

  17. I've never seen that Marmite ad before. It was superb!

  18. Plenty more irn bru adverts , and some more controversial than others !

  19. Personally my favourite ads have to be between Excitable Edgar which was last years John Lewis Christmas ad and the one Cadbury’s did where a Little girl buys her Mum a bar of chocolate from a Newsagents and the person running the shop sees that her mum is a nurse/doctor and he lets her pay with the random stuff she has in her pockets and gives her a little toy unicorn as her change

  20. The Marmite advert was almost banned! Animal lovers found it "offensive" because it so closely followed the format of animal rescue shows. The investigation by the TV regulators was finally dropped. Too funny!

  21. I avoid watching ads, so I hadn't seen most of these. I have to say most of the ones you praise offend me, because it's exploiting sentiment to sell a company, which is just wrong, and false advertising. Lloyds in particular were stealing valour throughout that advert. They were showing instances of horses in public services – the fire service, the RNLI (lifeboats) – whereas as a private bank, what Lloyds did and does is just to impose economic rents on people as a lender. They aren't "on our side", they're parasites upon us. And Hovis implying that patriotism meant fighting the miners, or that the 1984-85 miners strike was merely some quaint national eccentricity is horrifying snobbery and rightwing bias. The exploitation of sentiment in advertising is the most naked expression of the the idolatry intrinisc in advertising and brand promotion and brand loyalty in general. Commodities are just crap produced to make a profit off us as customers – a means of ripping off the public to make a minority rich. Portraying that as noble or virtuous or spiritual or enlightnening or progressive, and your consumption as indicative of your virtues, progressiveness etc, is just blasphemy.

  22. Cadbury had a bad time in the 90s with a leak in the factory pipes, causing some illness and a massive product recall. This was the ad that basically saved the company. It’s just that Phil Collins is very British everyone knows the song, randomly stick a gorilla in there and we love it.

    Also it’s Irn Bru pronounced Iron Brew and “It’s made in Scotland from girders” they’re old tag line.

  23. The first one is just like the british love of juxtapostion – the weirder the situation the better the advert.

  24. They keep saying it's so patriotic
    Every English peron :
    It's just history literally EVERYTHING in England is history

  25. My British self :
    Hears a horse in an ad IMEDEATTELY thinks LOYDS (-oop I can't spell)

  26. Them:
    We are gonna analyse the are

    There all just random answers to be memorable and attention catching

  27. I have never seen that irn bru advert before but I love the gorilla playing drums so cool.

  28. Lloyds Bank advert, a bit like the Hovis advert, a very British Institution…

  29. If you make another of these videos you should watch a John Lewis ad or a go compare ad

  30. Hovis is a very British institution and it’s been around for a very long time…

  31. The Irn Bru advert was not controversial when it was aired, it was a bit of fun…

  32. My favourite is the sainsburys christmas advert about the football truce during the first world war…so good

  33. Best ads are British. Got to look at some John Lewis ads next. 🙂

  34. IRON BREW….not what you said. Irn Bru is like bagpipes, haggis etc. have a look at the culture around Irn Bru.. Also…although alcohol aint a thing much in the US. Buckfast, Canei and Thunderbird…..the cheap end of drinking

  35. I really dislike the more nostalgic or patriotic adverts so I found this one a very funny send up of that attitude when it came out (although sadly it now seems an apt prediction of UK politics in the 2010s). It's an advert for the drink Blackcurrent Tango – and it's relevant for you both as you're currently in France.

  36. Warburtons Robert De Niro advert, Goodfellas spin, worth a watch

  37. Before businesses had address numbers they would have signs outside their address and the one for Lloyds Bank was a black horse belonging to the previous person who lived there..

  38. It's pronounced "iron brew" 'coz it's made with girders and it is Scotland's unofficial official soft drink.
    You should check out Sainsbury's 2014 Christmas ad where they recreated a real life event from Christmas day 1914, it's one of the most famous ads of the last 30 years.

  39. Its pronounced Iron Brew !

  40. You should react to the Guiness Surfer ad. It was voted the greatest TV ad of all time on a Channel 4 show a few years back.

  41. I'm English and have never seen that Irn Bru advert so I'm guessing it only aired in Scotland. It made me chuckle and that's because the English/Scottish rivalry isn't controversial it's just fun banter.
    I have to say though, I'd need a stronger drink if my daughter brought home that mess of a lad!

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